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Mocktail Recipes

Classic Aperol Spritz Mocktail

Classic Aperol Spritz Mocktail

You can’t pass this Italian classic created in the 1950’s. If you’re entertaining and want it to be a hit. Here is a drink that is delectable that creates that classic ambiance. This will kickstart your guests’ appetites as the perfect pre dinner drink or as a summer cocktail. You get to experience the taste of citrus, rhubarb, and blended herbs with a dry champagne  Simply add Lyres Italian Spritz Non-Alcoholic, Dry Non-Al Prosecco (Noughty), club soda, ice, green olives and orange slices to garnish.
30mls Lyres Italian Spritz
80mls Dry Non-Alc Prosecco (Noughty)
A splash of club soda
Orange slice
Green Olive
  1. Add ice to a stemless wine glass and pour 30 ml of Lyre's Italian Spritz.
  2. Add your favorite Non-Alc Prosecco, our choice is the Thomson & Scott Noughty.
  3. Top up with club soda.
  4. Garnish with a slice of orange and green olives.

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