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Mocktail Recipes

Good Cocktail Cosmopolitan Mocktail

Good Cocktail Cosmopolitan Mocktail

Vibrant and delicious, the Cosmo is iconic, made famous on the television show Sex and the City. This cosmopolitan mocktail uses Good Cocktail’s mixer, crafted with cranberry juice and botanical extracts of sweet orange, which perfectly recreates a classic cosmo without the alcohol. Super crisp soda water adds freshness and clarity, while a little thyme delivers hints of herbaceous notes. With a beautiful, bright pink hue this is the perfect drink for a night with the girls. Serve in a coupe glass and garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of thyme.

1 part cosmo mixer
2 parts Strangelove soda water
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
3 large ice cubes (for one cocktail)
Orange segments for garnish
  1. Add 2 ice cubes, one thyme sprig, soda, and cosmo mixer to a shaker. Bash the thyme a wee bit with a spoon to release that thyme flavour.
  2. Shake all together and pour into a glass of choice with the last ice cube and top with an orange segment and remaining thyme sprig.

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