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Carl Jung

Carl Jung are the pioneers of alcohol-free wine

Holding historic patents on the traditional dealcoholisation process, the “Carl Jung Method” is still used today. This traditional family winery has been creating non-alcoholic wines and Sparkling since 1868. Their diverse range of alcohol-free wines are a classy and delicious alternative for anyone who appreciates the enjoyment of a good glass of wine. 

The Carl Jung portfolio includes non-alcoholic sparkling wines (which they started bottling in the 60's as well as classic grape wines (from 1990s).

Carl Jung

What is the Carl Jung Method of de-alcoholisation?

The dealcoholisation of the wine takes place under high vacuum and at low temperatures below 30 ° C. The wine's own aromas escaping during the dealcoholisation together with the alcohol are caught and are thus retained in the non-alcoholic wine. An extremely gentle and very high quality production of alcohol-free wines is guaranteed.