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The Zenzen family of wine making dates back to 1636, where they first starting growing grapes in Mosel River Valley, Germany. Today the EINIG-ZENZEN wine company have a wide and diverse assortment of wine product lines including their award winning Dr Zenzen line which features their non-alcoholic wines - Dr ZenZen Dornfelder and Riesling.

Famous all over the world this historic wine company has it's own state of the art production lines as well as allied wine partners globally. 

Certified at the highest level by the The International Food Standard (IFS) confirms their winery fulfills the highest quality, security, and standards of all our products at all stages of vinification and production.


  • Bottle of Red wine without alcohol
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    Dr Zenzen 0.0 Dornfelder

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    The Dornfelder grape is native to Germany, thriving in cold climates, they produce an excellent and robust red wine. The Dr Zenzen 0.0 Dornfelder c...

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