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First Press

First Press is all about coffee, coffee, and you guessed it…more coffee!

They sustainably source their beans directly from ethical farmers in order to craft a delicious range of cold drip coffee products, the right way. Their coffee is deliciously smooth, and it serves itself to many purposes.

The purpose we’re interested in, of course, is as a cocktail mixer for deliciously daring non-alcoholic mixed drinks aka mocktails. With a pure, clean flavour that’s bold in all the right ways, First Press coffee is the perfect addition to a classic Espresso martini, or something a little more experimental.

As a brand, First Press set the standard for cold drip coffee merchants everywhere. They are, first and foremost, coffee connoisseurs themselves. They know what makes a good coffee and they only allow the best of their brews to land in the hands (and mouths) of their consumers.

First Press