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Hawkesbury Brewing Co.

Hawkesbury Brewing Co. is a true-blue Aussie company with their sights set on providing both drinkers and non-drinkers with high-quality, taste-worthy, all natural beers.

They have 2 breweries located on the banks of their namesake, the Hawkesbury River in NSW. One brewery is situated in the pristine Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park and the other in Lisarow on the Central Coast.

By combining traditional beer brewing methods with the latest technological advances, they lovingly craft truly drinkable beer using only the finest ingredients.

They stock a few alcoholic beers in their range including a Stout, a Lager and a Pacific Ale, but our all-time favourite is, of course, the non-alcoholic Prohibition Pale Ale.

Let your Aussie spirit loose and support a genuine brewery who supports their community while making delicious bevvies. When it comes to good beer, Hawkesbury Brewing Co. are not here to f*** spiders.

Hawkesbury Brewing Co.

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    Hawkesbury Brewing Co.

    Prohibition Non-alc Pale Ale

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    Now, this is a Pale Ale for all the rebels out there who love the taste of an ice cold beer but don't want to sacrifice their health (or their dign...

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