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 The first brewery in Germany to brew a dry-hopped lager. 

Founded in 2011, Kehrwieder belongs to the first generation of creative breweries in Germany, starting as a 'gypsy brewery' using salvaged equipment. Today it's a modern brewery based in Hamburg and is a founding member of the association Deutsche Kreativbrauer eV. The name comes from Kehrwieder meaning come back, used as a farewell by German seafarer families. Their first alcohol-free beer is called ü.NN short for überNormalNull which means above sea level paying homage to the brewery's port town of Hamburg.


  • Bottle of U.NN IPA Alkohol Frei German Beer
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    Created by master craft brewer and former world beer sommelier champion Oliver Wesseloh. The u.NN IPA ( überNormalNull) is a non-...

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