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Are you sick of sugary soft drinks and mixers that leave you feeling a little "meh"? Kick your sugar guilt to the curb with our range of premium mixers that are organic, contain less sugar than a standard soft drink or mixer and get their delicious flavours from natural ingredients! Flavours include Smoked Cola, Violet Blossom, Salted White Grapefruit and and a whole lot more that all pack a flavourful punch and complement our non-alcoholic spirit alternatives perfectly. If you prefer non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic wine don't fret, we've got them too!




We realise that you may have some questions about our range of mixers and how best to combine them with non-alcoholic spirit alternatives and other alcohol-free drinks. So, we’ve put together this FAQ section to help you understand what it is we love so much about our Lo-Cal sodas and tonic waters. Take a sip…


What’s the best mixer for Gin?

Any bartender has probably heard the phrase, “Gin and tonic please” a few hundred times, at the very least. There’s good reason a simple tonic water is the best mixer for gin.

Tonic water has all the fizz and pizazz of a soda, but it doesn’t have the high sugar levels and calories or the full-on, usually sweet flavour. Gin in and of itself is a tasty drink. You get the classic juniper aromas, along with whatever other fruits, herbs and botanicals have been distilled in the process. Gin requires a toned-down mixer in order to fully experience the delicious natural flavours it possesses.

That’s why tonic is the perfect Gin partner.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also mix your Gin with a Lo-Cal soda from our range and a little fruit of your choice to craft a delicious alcohol-free cocktail.


What is Quinine tonic water made of?

Quinine is added in super small quantities to carbonated water to create tonic water as it provides that tangy bitterness we all know and love. It is a natural substance that is made from the bark of the cinchona tree, native to South America, a few Caribbean Islands and some of the western parts of Africa.

It has actually been used as a treatment for malaria for years and years. Some people also claim that it can help reduce cramps and restless leg syndrome. This has not yet been scientifically proven, but a tonic water night cap might not go astray if you struggle with these conditions through the night.

Quinine is very safe when consumed in small doses and we absolutely love just how much bitterness it brings to the table when we serve up our range of delicious tonic waters.


Can mixers be used with drinks other than spirits?


Wine and mixer combination options include Spritzers, Sangria, Mulled Wine and a long list of Cocktails including Bellinis and different varieties of sparkling punch. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the tasty drinks I can make with a little wine, a few mixers and some creativity!

You may not think of beer as a drink to be mixed but it can actually taste amazing when poured with lemonade or ginger beer to make a Shandy. You can also make a few cocktails using beer as a base. Yep, you heard me. Beer inspired cocktails. Think of an Espresso Stout, a Campari IPA or a Raspberry Beer Mojito.

Get your creative juices flowing and see what beer and wine cocktail creations you can come up with!


Does naturally flavoured tonic water taste better than artificially flavoured tonic water?

Hell yeah, it does! Naturally flavoured tonic waters like our Strangelove and Artisan varieties have that extra wow factor that artificially flavoured tonic water lacks.

100% natural ingredients are used in these mixers to create gorgeous botanical and citrus tastes and aromas that you simply cannot recreate using chemicals and fake flavourings.

With ingredients like orange peel, rosemary and unrefined cinchona bark, you can rest assured that the journey you’re about to embark on from the minute our tonic hits your lips is going to be one wild flavourful ride.


Is tonic water healthy?

Tonic water that you pick up at your grocery store will generally contain quite a large amount of sugars, carbs and artificial flavourings. That kind of tonic water is about as healthy for you as a bottle of soft drink. So, not very.

The tonic water varieties found in the Sans Drinks store, however, contain only the best 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colours or flavourings and some contain only around 4g of sugar per 100ml. That’s much less than your run-of-the-mill tonic waters.

Our Etch Sparkling mixers even contain antioxidant-rich, magnesium-rich and gut-loving native flora.

You can enjoy the mixers we stock knowing you’re making the healthier choice when it comes to your non-alcoholic drink mixers.


How much sugar is in Lo-Cal sodas?

Generally, you’ll find that a regular soda or soft drink will contain anywhere between 10 and 20 grams of sugar per 100ml.

Our Lo-Cal sodas? Most are around the 3g-4g mark and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that exceeds 10g per 100ml.

Sans Drinks Lo-Cal sodas are the obvious choice for the health-conscious alcohol-free drink loving crowd.


What are the most popular tonic water and Lo-Cal soda brands in Australia?

I’m glad you asked! We stock them right here in our shop.

Strangelove, Artisan and Etch are all Australian favourites in the Lo-Cal soda and tonic water industry. They are all very eco-conscious companies and they make healthy, natural choices when it comes to choosing the perfect ingredients for their drinks.

Not to mention, their mixologists are mad geniuses who have created some of the most intoxicating flavour combinations I’ve ever had the pleasure of downing.

Check out these babies for a powerful flavour kick:

Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic -

Etch Sparkling Berry (PLM) -

Strangelove Salted White Grapefruit -


What kind of cocktails can I make with Lo-Cal sodas?

Honestly, so many! With the amount of non-alcoholic beer, wine, spirit and mixer options available here on our site, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing up the wildest creations.

Here are a few of my favourite Sans Drinks flavour combos…


Spirits & Mixers

Brunswick Aces Spades Sapiir + Artisan Agave Lemon Tonic


Beer & Mixers

Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale + Strangelove Hot Ginger Beer


Wine & Mixers

Thomson & Scott Noughty + Etch Sparkling Honey Rosewater