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Pentire was created as a homage to his love of coastal living and the unique botanicals that are found by the sea.

The gorgeous coastal region that Alistair calls home is abundant in plant life due to the great climate, air moisture and soil pH. These plants are carefully collected and expertly distilled to create Pentire’s deliciously aromatic non-alcoholic spirits.

Experimentation with local botanists, distillers and brewers has ensured that Pentire’s range is as close to a regular spirit as possible, while still managing to own a unique twist that’s full of the life of the sea. 

A commitment to sourcing responsibly means that Pentire use naturally extracted Fair Trade and Organically Certified ingredients that are accredited by the Soil Association wherever possible. They also support protection of the oceans and environment.

So, if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle for a little while and sit by the seaside with a relaxing alcohol-free drink, a taste of Pentire is exactly what you need!


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    Set yourself adrift on a little boat off a small coastal town with a delicious, aromatic glass of Pentire Adrift. With Cornish roots, this alcohol-...

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