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Pierre Chavin

From the gorgeous region of Béziers, France hails Pierre Chavin, a pioneer in the French non-alcoholic wine industry. This innovative winery came in at number 17 on the French Top 100 Start-Up List for 2017, the only winery to make the list that year, showing that they are ready to disrupt the market and make waves across the globe. 

Wine lovers and experts from way back Mathilde Boulachin and Fabien Gross paired up to make Pierre Chavin what it is today. They've created a range of non-alcoholic wines to cater to the growing number of people who choose to go alcohol free, but still enjoy the taste of a truly great wine. They have quite a few alcohol-free wine varieties available so why not pick up a few while you're here?

Pierre Chavin

  • Le Petit Chavin Non-alcoholic Merlot
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    Pierre Chavin

    Le Petit Chavin Non-alcoholic Merlot

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    Made in France, the Le Petit Chavin Non-alcoholic Merlot is ruby red in colour with an intense aroma and rich mouthfeel. A classic French Merlot ex...

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