All about the The Good Cocktail Co. Mixers

May 11, 2021

It's not just non-alcoholic beer, wine & spirits that are changing the way we drink in 2021, alcohol-free cocktails have been experiencing their own revival. In this next blog we introduce NZ’s The Good Cocktail Co. and show you how to use them to make the best mocktails.

Good Co Cocktail Mixiers and mocktails on a table

I recently added The Good Cocktail Co. natural cocktail mixers to the Sans Drinks collection. These are a range of alcohol-free cocktail mixers that will truly elevate your make-at-home-mocktail. Packed with natural ingredients such as fresh lime juice and botanical extracts, these mixers form the basis of an authentic tasting mocktail that can be ready in minutes, create the four classics Mojito Mocktails, Margarita's, Daiquiri's and Cosmopolitan Mocktails.

The Good Cocktail range line up

So how do you turn a Good Cocktail Co. mixer into an amazing, tasty cocktail? The concept of the mixers is that they make cocktail making simple. You don’t need a shopping list of ingredients or a fancy blender – you literally just mix it with an alcohol-free spirit, or a splash of soda and you’re done. 

Want to skip the mixing? the Ms Sans mocktail range has the perfect blend of alcohol-free spirit already added for you.
Good cocktail co mixers and mocktails on a table

Mojito Mocktails

A good mojito should be nicely tart with a good minty, citrus tang and just a little punch from the rum. This Mojito mixer is made with real lime juice, a natural botanical extract of mint and artisan water – it’s packed full of that classic mojito flavour. In fact, the mixer is so good that you don’t need to add an alcohol-free spirit at all, you can just add a splash of soda.

For that rum hit, you’ll need an alcohol-free spirit and we recommend the Lyre’s White Cane Spirit which is the perfect NA alternative to a classic white rum like Bacardi. You can also try our Fluere Spiced Cane or Ovant Royal which are also great alternatives to rum. For maximum effect, serve over crushed ice with a sprig of mint.

Cosmopolitan Mocktails

A classic Cosmopolitan or Cosmo, balances sweet orange notes with the tartness of cranberry juice with the vodka pulling both flavours together. The Cosmo mixer is crafted with fresh cranberry juice and natural botanical extract of sweet orange. Again, this mixer is so good that you can just add a splash of soda and you’re good to go. 

Good Co Cocktail Mixiers and mocktails on a table

If you want to further elevate your Cosmo add mixer to a non-alcoholic spirit like the Lyre's Dry London or a pink alt gin like this one from Hellfire

Another option is to add a splash of alcohol-free sparkling wine such as the Barton & Guestier Sparkling White Wine or the Plus & Minus Blanc de Blancs to your Cosmo mixer. For maximum effect strain and serve over ice.

Non-Alcoholic Margaritas

Another classic! Margaritas are a versatile as they can be served in several different ways, on the rocks, frozen or straight up. The Good Cocktail Co. Margarita mixer has been crafted with real lime juice, orange juice and extract of hibiscus flowers. It’s so good that you can enjoy with a simple splash of soda water.

Although Margaritas are traditionally served with tequila, I recommend a modern twist - alcohol free gin. Sans Drinks has an array of premium brands to choose from including Lyre’s, Ginologist and Seedlip.

Good Cocktail Margarita on a table

Alcohol Free Daiquiri's

Traditionally, the Daiquiri was known for a sweet beginning, a punch of lime and strong rum finish. The Good Cocktail Co. Mixer has re-imagined the Daiquiri by adding succulent boysenberries and citrusy yuzu. 

To make your non-alcoholic cocktail add an alcohol-free rum or a splash of soda water or alcohol-free bubbles. Then shake and strain over ice.

With absolutely nothing artificial on the ingredients list, The Good Cocktail Co mixers are not only better for your taste buds, they’re better for your health too.

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