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Sydney $5 SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders $99+ | National Express Post
Sydney $5 SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders $99+ | National Express Post

Erdinger Weißbier Non Alcoholic Beer

Erdinger has been brewing in their home state of Bavaria since 1886, perfecting their recipe for the Bavarian “weissbier” (wheat beer). The Erdinger weissbier beer is the perfect non-alcoholic beer to complement a healthy well-balanced diet and lifestyle, a brew rich in b9 and b12, folic acid and polyphenols, as well as isotonic properties. 

  • Erdinger Alcohol Free wheat beer Beer  - Sans Drinks
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    Erdinger Alcohol Free wheat beer


    $4.20 per case of 1x330mls
    $12.95 per case of 6x330mls
    $54.95 per case of 24x330mls

    The Erdinger Beer is a non-alcoholic wheat beer containing vitamins b12 and folic acid, as well as polyphenols. Based on German purity laws, the Er...

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    Original price $4.20 - Original price $54.95
    Original price
    $4.20 - $54.95
    Current price $4.20

Popular Questions

I mentioned that this brew contains folic acid which, for all the mums out there is a game changer. Folic acid is super useful when breastfeeding which makes Erdinger alcohol-free wheat beer an alternative for all those beer-loving mums just pining for a pint (of course we are not healthcare professionals so always check with GP first).