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Pioneers in the non-boozy beer industry since the 70's

German beer brand Clausthaler released their very first alcohol-free beer in 1979 and just kept making it better ever since. It was a tough road to success, paved with doubters. But through sheer grit, determination and a team of leaders who were 100% confident in their ability to create a non-alcoholic beer that looked, smelled and tasted just like a regular beer – they achieved everything they’d ever hoped.

Bound by Germany's Purity Law, only the purest of ingredients can be used - water, barley malt, hops and yeast – no other nasties whatsoever. This is a traditional, genuine, delicious German alcohol-free beer.


How does Clausthaler make their non-alcoholic beer?

Clausthaler have their own specialised brewing technique in which they produce a very low-alcohol beer through controlled fermentation, stopping the brewing process before the yeast can reach its final form. The technological advancements they’ve utilised show that they are true innovators and are fully worthy of the “non-alcoholic beer pioneer” status they’ve gained.