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Plus & Minus Wines

Plus & Minus are an Aussie non-alcoholic winemaking brand with the added benefits of antioxidants from grape seed extract

They are seriously upping the stakes when it comes to the crafting of fine non-alcoholic wine that's also beneficial to your health!

Their entire range has been expertly developed to include ingredients such as grape seed extract that is naturally rich in antioxidants. They use only the highest quality grapes from South Australian vineyards and they don't rely on any artificial sweeteners to create full-bodied flavour.

Plus & Minus Wines

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    Plus & Minus

    Plus & Minus Blanc de Blancs NV

    Rated 3.9 out of 5
    Based on 20 reviews
    from $14.95

    Crafted using only white grapes including Chardonnay, Sémillon and Colombard sourced from the finest vineyards in the illustrious wine country of S...

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    Plus & Minus

    Plus & Minus Shiraz

    Rated 2.7 out of 5
    Based on 18 reviews
    from $14.95

    A voluptuous, smooth shiraz with grapes sourced from Langhorne Creek, one of South Australia’s most renowned premium wine regions. This de-alcoholi...

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If you were to tell your wine loving friends that maths is an important part of crafting a rambunctious red or a mouth-watering white, they’d probably tell you to get your head checked. Plus & Minus couldn’t give two hecks about what their friends say though. They’re moving forward with maths-based wine branding and they’re doing it so well, they’re selling out on our shelves quicker than you can work out what 1+1 is. Here’s a little FAQ on this awesome Aussie based wine brand so you can see what all the fuss is about…


What’s the Plus & Minus brand all about?


Plus & Minus implore you to “imagine a wine with plus + the antioxidants but minus – the alcohol”. There you go, you’re doing it aren’t you. Whether the wine your mind just dreamed up was enticing or not, Plus & Minus has succeeding in creating such a wine that actually tastes damn good.


The entire point of the Plus & Minus range is to provide a non-alcoholic option for off-the-wagon winos who are conscious about their health, their wellbeing and the quality of the alc-free wine they enjoy.


Is Plus & Minus wine associated with any well-known businesses in the wine industry?


Yep! Plus & Minus wine is actually brought to us by the family-owned, Aussie based wine business Fourth Wave Wine. They are a producer and wholesaler of a wide range of brands that are well-loved in many parts of the world.


They launched in 2009 and over the past 10+ years they’ve branched out and settled into winemaking locations in six different countries, the resulting products being shipped off to wine lovers globally.


Throughout their time in the wine industry, they’ve learned what wine drinkers want, they know what makes a good wine and they identified the need for a non-alcoholic product to be added to their portfolio and so, Plus & Minus was brought to life.


Is Plus & Minus wine good for me?


Absolutely! Health factor number one is the lack of alcohol. I’m sure we’ve all been privy to the risks that come with intoxication at one point or another – we do silly, potentially dangerous things when we don’t have our wits about us. Alcoholism is a horrible condition that affects countless Aussies and puts their health and wellbeing at risk. Regular drinking has also been shown to be a primary cause of liver and heart problems. It’s not great, let’s be real.


The second aspect of these wines pertaining to health and wellness is the addition of grape seed oil to boost the naturally occurring antioxidants present in each and every bottle. Antioxidants may help reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and tissue damage that can be present in people suffering from chronic diseases. It’s also been shown to potentially help improve heart, brain, liver and kidney function, as well as skin health.


If you’re after a final reason to indulge in a Plus & Minus wine, they’re fit for coeliacs and people who choose to avoid gluten for other reasons as they’re all gluten free!


Who can drink Plus & Minus wine?


The lack of alcohol makes this a really easy question to answer. Pretty much anyone can pick up a bottle of Plus & Minus and indulge without the risks that come with drinking alcohol.


Health conscious wine lovers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, designated drivers, people who are on call to go into work, those among us who don’t drink alcohol for religious reasons – the list goes on. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant and want to seek advice from a health professional before indulging, please do so. It’s good to get the go-ahead from the doc.


Which Plus & Minus brand products are on the Sans Drinks shelves?


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Blanc de Blancs NV

This is a blend of Chardonnay, Semillon and Colombard grapes that have been crafted into a champagne-style alc-free white wine. It’s a little bit fizzy and a lot of fun! This Blanc de Blancs contains no artificial sweeteners or other nasties and also contains grape seed oil to increase the antioxidants!


Apple and citrus take the lead in this flavoursome wine, though there is a hint of sweet fruit bringing up the rear providing a nice lift and balance. A cleansing acidic finish rounds out the experience.


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Grigio

A slightly floral blend with overarching themes of pear, apple and citrus is apparent throughout this alcohol-free Pinot Grigio. Delicious fruits from reputable South Australian vineyards are combined with grape seed oil (yep, it’s everywhere) to make a healthy alternative to a classic wine.


No artificial sweeteners are added which is awesome news, in my opinion!


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir

This boozeless beauty contains hints of dried herbs, slightly spicy and savoury notes which are all characteristics of a classic Pinot Noir. There’s a subtle fruity sweetness to it that provides a soft balance.


Grapes are sourced from Langhorne Creek, one of South Australia’s premier wine growing regions, well known for its premium red grapes. Like its siblings, this wine contains no artificial sweetener, but grape seed oil is present for its antioxidant rich properties.


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Shiraz 

Yep, you guessed it, this red is full of antioxidants with not an artificial sweetener in sight. This is the perfect drink to add to your repertoire if your health and wellbeing are an important factor in your choice of wine.


Vanilla and subtle oak tones are complimented by strong notes of black fruits and dark chocolate. A touch of sweet fruit and thin tannins round out the flavour, ending on a medium concentration for a classic Shiraz experience.


Which foods are best to pair with each Plus & Minus wine?


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Blanc de Blancs NV

The Blanc de Blancs NV is best served chilled and paired with seafood platters full of fresh oysters! As with other styles of white wine, this bubbly beauty also works well with most chicken and salad dishes. It’s a great accompaniment to finger food and canapes.


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Grigio

Another white that pairs perfectly with a seafood feast, this Pinot Grigio works well with chicken dishes and seasonal salads too! This is more of a dinner option though, rather than a canape companion.


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir

Mushroom arancini is the PERFECT dish to serve with this red. A mushroom risotto or pasta would also work. Like most reds, it also pairs super well with beef.


Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Shiraz 

Set me up with this Shiraz and a steak sandwich and I’ll be happy as Larry. That’s summer sorted, but winter calls for a heartier meal – beef stew – yep, that’ll do nicely.


Why is it important to support the Plus & Minus brand and other Aussie based wine brands?


Supporting local Aussie businesses has never been more important. In order for our fellow Aussies to continue making amazing products, we need to show them some love.


The global non-alcoholic wine market has become an amazing opportunity for people all over the world. Australian businesses are going out on a limb and taking risks just to get their names out there. They deserve all the help we can give them to show the rest of the world just how high-quality our winemaking skills are!


So, spread the word. Share your favourite products with your friends, your family and the people who follow you on your social platforms. Let’s make ourselves known as one of the BEST wine producing countries in the world.


What can we expect from Plus & Minus in future?


I’m unsure, as yet. They’ve given us four amazing wines so far and I’m hoping that they decide to craft some more wine varieties to add to the collection. The minute I hear they’ve introduced a new product it’ll be in the store for you all enjoy!