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Heaps Normal

Heaps Normal are on a mission to normalise non-alcoholic beers and boy, am I fully on board! They strive to help beer lovers everywhere create their own normal when they choose to drink mindfully. Creating a new normal certainly is the way to go these days!

Honestly, this is such a down-to-earth brand. Four mates got together with various reasons for wanting to reduce their alcohol intake. So, with their combined skills they embarked on their Heaps Normal journey, eventually crafting a brew that tastes great and allows people to choose to go easy on the booze every so often, or for good.

Their signature craft beer, the Quiet XPA is available in the Sans Drinks online store because it tastes amazing and provides a healthier alternative to the much-loved alcoholic XPAs found in bottle shops, bars and breweries.

As they say, it's "too good to be wasted". And so are you.

Heaps Normal

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After Heaps Normal popped up on my radar, I quickly realised that they knew what they were about when it came to crafting delicious non-alcoholic beers. I want to share some info on this brand with you all so you can get just as excited as I am about what these guys are doing. Check out the FAQ below to learn more.


What are the benefits of drinking non-alcoholic beer like Heaps Normal?


As a good portion of the population across the globe will tell, drinking non-alcoholic beer provides a huge range of benefits! No more hangovers, headaches, bloating or next day regrets. You can remember all the fun you had on a night out. You don’t need to worry about making bad decisions as your mind will be completely clear while you’re having a great time. You’ll wake up fresh as a daisy, ready to tackle the next day head on.


Who can drink Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beer?


Because alcohol-free beer contains no alcohol, these drinks can be enjoyed by practically anyone.


-          Designated drivers

-          People who don’t consume alcohol for religious reasons

-          People who can’t drink alcohol for health reasons

-          People with alcohol allergies

-          Breastfeeding mothers

-          Pregnant women

-          People participating in Ocsober, Dry July, etc.


Note that it’s always best for pregnant or breastfeeding women to double check with their health professional before consuming non-alcoholic drinks.


Who are the creators of Heaps Normal?


The co-founders of Heaps Normal are Jordy Smith, Andy Miller, Ben Holdstock and Peter Brennan. They each have their reasons for wanting to craft a booze-free beer and offer it to the community at large:

Andy Miller, CEO: Grew sick of the booze after working in the industry for years.

Peter Brannan, Head of Brand: Experienced a childhood with alcohol abuse in the family.

Ben Holdstock, Head Brewer: Relished the challenge of crafting a great tasting non-alcoholic beer.

Jordy Smith, Global Brand Ambassador: Ditched the booze to focus on his pro surfing career.


Between the four of them, I’m sure we can all relate to one or more of the sentiments they’ve expressed. They each bring their own set of skills to the table (or the brewery) that make them a vital piece of the Heaps Normal team.


What does non-alcoholic beer taste like?


Honestly, with a well-crafted non-alcoholic beer, there should be very minimal difference between its taste and the taste of a regular alcoholic beer of the same variety. Alcohol-free beer isn’t just a soft drink. It goes through the same process as regular beer; the alcohol is simply removed before it’s bottled.


If it didn’t taste, smell, and feel just like a normal beer you could hardly call it a non-alcoholic beer in the first place. As with normal beer, each brand and variety will hold its own special nuances according to the recipe and beer brewing method used.


So, you can expect Heaps Normal’s signature brew, the Quiet XPA, to taste just like a regular XPA, sans the alcohol.


Can you get drunk on Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beer?


With less than 0.5% ABV, you would have to drink a heck of a lot of these bad boys to even feel slightly tipsy. In all honestly, your bladder would be yelling at you to quit filling it up before you could feel any alcoholic effects.


Keeping in mind that a litre of orange juice can contain up to 0.73g of alcohol, it’s safe to say that drinking a night’s worth of these non-alcoholic tins is going to be harmless.


So, stock up on Heaps Normals and head round to your mates place for a BBQ, to watch the footy or to catch up over a games night. You can keep the luxury of being able to drive home, even after you’ve had some tasty beers.


Are non-alcoholic beers healthy?


Non-alcoholic beers can actually be considered quite healthy for the following reasons:


-          Non-alcoholic beer has been thought to provide benefits to skin and hair health.

-          You will find it easier to stay hydrated than when you’re drinking alcohol-based drinks.

-          You can avoid alcohol addiction and help stem the tide of alcohol related injuries and accidents.

-          Non-alcoholic beer is much better for your body. Alcohol consumption can have negative effects on your liver, your mental health and other parts of your body and lifestyle.


If you’re not convinced, head across to Google and you’ll find numerous studies outlining the benefits of non-alc beer vs normal beer.


Where is Heaps Normal brewed?


Heaps Normal is brewed right here in Australia!


From humble beginnings in Victoria to a full-on brewery now based in Canberra, the boys behind this brand are Aussies through and through. They know the Australian drinking culture better than anyone – that’s how they’ve managed to create an XPA that Aussies love!