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A non-alcoholic alternative to their classic Heineken Beer

When it comes to brewing the perfect beer, Heineken are masters of the trade. They’ve perfected their recipe, using only pure, natural ingredients throughout the brewing process. The Heineken difference is in their horizontal brewing tanks, an extended brew time and a unique addition to their ingredients called A-Yeast.

Heineken have been at the top of the beer game since the 19th century, and they have no plans of relinquishing their renown in the foreseeable future. Their 2017 launch of Heineken 0.0, a non-alcoholic alternative to their classic range, further cements their intentions to provide high-quality beer to everyone, even those of us who prefer to avoid a dank beer-induced hangover.


What is Heineken A-Yeast?

A-Yeast lends its properties to Heineken beer, giving it that well-known rich, balanced taste with those deliciously fruity subtle undertones. The horizontal tanks are perfect for hosting A-Yeast, allowing it to develop to its full potential. The extended brewing time of a full 28 days allows the beer to truly shine with its lustrous golden-yellow hue.