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The Sobah range is a testament to the First Nations Peoples of Australia. Respect for Aboriginal culture, heritage, artwork and language is prevalent in each and every can of this game-changing craft beer.

Proudly founded by Gamilaroi man, Clinton Schultz, and his wife Lozen, Sobah is changing the way in which we, as Australians with Aboriginal heritage or not, combat the societal issues surrounding alcohol consumption by smashing stereotypes, promoting inclusion and choosing to drink ethically superb non-alcoholic craft beer.

The range of alcohol-free craft beer in the Sobah range is based around native Aussie bush tucker ingredients like finger lime and pepperberry, and beautiful indigenous artwork is featured on each can.

Staying Sobah has never felt so good! 


Sobah are a craft beer brewery intent on doing the right thing. Their ethical brewing methods and the social stances they take are highly admirable, especially when it comes to the support they show the Australian Aboriginal community. Take a look at the FAQ section below to learn more about the Sobah story and non-alcoholic beer in general…



What is the driving force behind Sobah’s range of non-alcoholic craft beer?


Sobah’s founders, Clinton and Lozen Schultz have a vision of changing the Aussie drinking culture from a destructive force to a social, community driven, fun-filled experience. They want to provide an enticing non-alcoholic option for non-drinkers (and drinkers) to experiment with and enjoy!


Clinton is a Gamilaroi man himself and he strives to incorporate his Aboriginal heritage into the Sobah brand, touching on lessons he has learned from Elders around Australia. Respecting people, respecting the environment, engaging in positive actions and working towards fulfilling our responsibilities to our community are just a few of the values upheld in the Sobah journey.


Which non-alcoholic beers from the Sobah range does Sans Drinks stock?


The following delicious Sobah craft beers are stocked on the Sans Drinks shelves ready for you to take home and enjoy:


SOBAH #1 Lemon Aspen Pilsner

Classic Pilsner flavour with a hint of grapefruit, lychee and zesty native lemon aspen.


SOBAH #2 Finger Lime Cerveza

A Mexican/Aussie inspired craft beer with nutty, hoppy vibes and truly tangy finger lime flavour.


SOBAH #3 Pepperberry IPA

A hot and spicy pepperberry kick punches through the typical IPA tones in this firecracker of a brew.


All these drinks are free of chemicals, vegan friendly and implement low intervention brewing methods that promote caring for the environment and the human body.


What health benefits does Sobah’s non-alcoholic beer provide?


Each native bush tucker fruit used in the brewing process of these beers holds its own beneficial vitamins and goodness. Pairing this with the fact that non-alcoholic beer contains less calories, sugars and carbs than regular beer makes Sobah a truly health conscious choice for beer lovers everywhere.


These craft beers are preservative free with no artificial ingredients. The 0.5% ABV is also a factor to take into account – alcohol is known for its detrimental impacts on the liver, mental health, and other functions that we can’t afford to not look after.


Who can drink Sobah’s non-alcoholic craft beer?


In short, pretty much anyone. Because Sobah’s range contains little to no alcohol, these tins are perfect for:


-          Designated drivers

-          People who don’t consume alcohol for religious reasons

-          People who can’t drink alcohol for health reasons

-          People with alcohol allergies

-          Breastfeeding mothers

-          Pregnant women

-          People participating in Ocsober, Dry July, etc.


As well as this, they’re perfect for the health conscious among us and vegans.


Please note that we do always recommend pregnant or breastfeeding women double check with their health professional before consuming non-alcoholic drinks.


Where does the inspiration for the artwork on Sobah cans come from?


Sobah drinks draws much of their product development and flavour profiles from native Australian fauna. Why should the artwork on the cans be any different?


Beautiful indigenous art pieces have been sourced to truly bring out the personality and the story behind each non-alcoholic craft beer in this unique range. Promoting Aboriginal art, history and culture plays a huge part in the values and aspirations of Sobah as a brand.


They also have an awesome range of merch featuring the Sobah logo and various traditional Aboriginal storytelling artworks too. Check it out here.


What kind of community support is Sobah involved in?


Sobah are passionate about helping communities heal and supporting them to make good, healthy choices when it comes to alcohol consumption (among other practices).


They utilise their platform and privilege to cultivate spaces and opportunities within the spiritual, cultural and traditional aspects of communities to help them grow without the reliance of government control and funding.


By supporting Preston Campbell Foundation101 Tokens and other mindful businesses that work within the space of sobriety and making good choices when it comes to drinking and other aspects of healthy living, Sobah are truly doing good in this world.


What is the benefit of utilising Australian bush tucker flavours in craft beer?


Aussie bush tucker is a completely unique culinary experience that melds perfectly with the flavour profiles of certain beers. Sobah have handpicked Aussie delicacies and taken them to a whole new level by incorporating them into their craft beers.


These are flavours that you’ll find nowhere else. They’re completely unique, while still managing to hold onto the crisp, fresh taste and aroma of a classic beer.


These alcohol-free beers allow people who don’t have access to great bush tucker flavours to taste them in all their glory, while enjoying their favourite IPA, Pilsner or other options in the Sobah range.


What’s next for Sobah?


Sobah are continuing to expand their range with seasonal bush tucker flavoured craft beers and hopefully we will see additional year-round beers added to the mix in the near future.


I can’t say one way or another what’s to come from the team at Sobah but I can say that they’re doing amazing work and their beers are second-to-none. Fingers crossed they continue on the community-driven path they’re on and keep bringing us awesome alcohol-free drinks.