Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Gin Lovers - 5 of the best

Sep 01, 2020

If you love your G&T and have been looking for a non-alcoholic gin substitute or you're keen to do distillates without the % – hello.

Bartender pouring tonic water into a glass making a G&T

In the last couple of years there has been a surge in top-notch, distilled non-alcoholic spirits. I'm talking seriously complex alcohol-free alternatives that can be brought to life simply with tonic water and ice or made into a classic gin mocktails.

The craft that’s gone into these sexy new entries distilled spirits is very sophisticated. In fact, these drinks are now rivalling their alcoholic counterparts. 

Gin mocktail made with Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll

Since you might not know where to start,  I have gone ahead and shaken, stirred, and tested the best non-alcoholic spirits for you. 

1. Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll


The product: Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll is my very own non-alcoholic gin. I worked with food scientists to perfect the recipe, taking on board all the feedback I've had from customers since launching. 

The Taste: Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll was inspired by a classic Dry London Gin, which means that the predominant flavour is juniper. The complex flavour profile also features aromatic citrus. 

Worth Noting: This non-alcoholic gin is extremely low in calories at just 3.3 per 100mls. 

What customers are saying: "G&T was always one of my favourites, so since going alcohol-free I have tried every non-alc gin looking for the perfect replacement. This is it. Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll is by far the best there is. G&T perfection."


2. Ms Sans Twist & Shout (Gin Substitute)

The product: Ms Sans Twist & Shout (Gin Substitute) is a non-alcoholic gin alternative made in Australia. It's alcohol free substitute to a classic citrus style gin.

The taste: The flavour profile comprises of traditional juniper notes with a blend of aromatic citrus from orange, lemon and grapefruit.

Worth noting: Ms Sans Twist & Shout (Gin Substitute) is low in sugar and calories. 

What customers are saying: "I really loved this gin substitute! Perfect for spring and summer cocktails. I paired it with orange, lemon and lime juice over ice - so refreshing" 

Friends enjoying Alcohol-free G&T at the pool

3. Seedlip: Grove 42

The product: From the UK, Seedlip created the first non-alcoholic spirit in the world. Their founder Ben Branson set out to solve the problem of "what to drink when you're not drinking" (now part of the brands' official trademark). He got the idea from an old book of herbal remedies from 1641 called 'The Art of Distillation'. 

The taste: This spirit has a delicious adult zesty flavour from of three types of oranges: Marmalade oranges which bring a tart flavour, Blood Oranges which add raspberry & strawberry characters and Mandarins. These are distilled with Lemongrass and ginger which provide the perfect balance

Worth noting: No added sugar and zero calories

Something to try: One of the Seedlip Cosmopolitan Mocktails

What customers are saying: "Loads of flavour, with that dry gin like bite to it."

4. ALTD Spirits: Green Grocer 

The product: This range uses only native Australian ingredients like Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Native Thyme, Organic Sandalwood & Iron Bark all created using traditionally copper distillers without the use of any alcohol at all.

The taste: Sharp citrus notes are balanced with uplifting fresh herbs and a long finish featuring Tasmanian Pepperberry. 

Worth noting: Sugar free, calorie free and vegan friendly. 

What customers are saying: "A great gin substitute with a surprisingly complex flavour." 

5. Ginologist London Dry 

The product: The Ginologist brand prides themselves on the science that goes into gin making, which is why it took several months, 15 test batches and literally hours of taste testing to perfect their recipe. 

The taste: A classic London dry taste with aromas of juniper and lemongrass.

Worth noting: This product is vegan, with no sugar or artificial flavourings.

What customers are saying: "It has that lovely tart dryness that I associate with a G&T"

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