The Latest Trends for Non-Alc Beers

Oct 01, 2020

The trend for alcohol-free beer has been accelerating for some time and shows no sign of slowing down. Consumers are looking for non-alcoholic alternatives that have all the flavour and compelling taste of their alcoholic counterparts, and brewers are stepping up to the mark.
Line up of Non-Alcoholic beers on a garden table

Non-alcoholic drinks have become a major growing sector in the market with many people engaging in alcohol-free challenges or reducing their alcohol across the week.  In addition, there is growing awareness that alcohol-free drinks yield many health benefits such as lower calories, lower sugar and improved sleep

Case of Heaps Normal Non-Alcoholic Beer

Another factor that has been driving quality is the German purity law which keeps many of the non-alcoholic beer standards at a high level. We can all enjoy this growing alc-free trend. Here are some of the beers that have been making waves recently.

Heaps Normal

The blurb: A best seller, Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is an Australian made independent craft AF beer.

Where it's from: Australia 

The taste: A deliciously refreshing pale ale with a balanced bitterness, a subtle malt sweetness and notes of tropical citrus. 

Non-Alc beer & nuts on a table


The blurb: Clausthaler is a non-alcoholic beer that is cultivated by the craft beer technique of dry-hopping. This means the Hops are only added once fermentation has been achieved.

Where it's from: Frankfurt, Germany 

The taste: The taste is rich and has a tantalising glimpse of sweet malt and a subtle bitter tastiness. It has the most enriching golden colour and it is as full in history as it is in taste and flavour. 


The blurb: Proudly founded by Gamilaroi man, Clinton Schultz, and his wife Lozen, the Sobah range of alcohol-free craft beer includes native Aussie bush tucker like finger lime and pepperberry. 

Where it's from: Australia 

The taste: With tangy lemon aspen and notes of grapefruit and lychee this beer has a classic fruity Pilsner flavour. 

Group of Sobah Beer lined up


The blurb: Kehrwieder is a beer made using a combination of Simcoe and Mosaic hops. Yeast enables fermentation to cease early.

Where it's from: Hamberg, Germany. 

The taste: With a fruity aroma of mango and lime, this beer pours with a good head and has a cloudy golden shade. It has a good bitterness and a hint of the fruitiness and a lasting finish.

Budejovicky Budvar

The blurb: Budejovivky Budvar provides a natural cohesion and fusion between delicately sweet and bitter.

Where it's from: The Czech Republic

The taste: This beer has a  bold, sweet, toasted malt profile, a fresh, lightly spiced citrusy aroma and a hint of bitterness. 


The blurb: The VandeStreek Playground IPA draws on the flavours of five different types of American hops; Columbus, Mosaic, Citra and Cascade. 

Where it's from: The Netherlands

The taste: Elements of citrus and tropical fruits balance out the classic bitter notes within each delicious drop. 

Vandestreek Non-Alc beer bottle in a playground


The blurb: NORT make alc-free Australian craft beer that is full of flavour. 

Where it's from: Australia. 

The taste: NORT Pacific Ale has a rich golden hue, aromas of tropical passionfruit, a light body and a long refreshing finish. 

Upflow Brewing Co. 

Upflow Beer Can in mans hand - Classic Pale Ale

The blurb: The UpFlow Hypotonic Classic Pale Ale is an Australian made, non-alcoholic craft beer

Where it's from: Australia 

The taste: With the use of both Halletauer and Saaz hops alongside Munich malt, this beer has a deliciously balanced flavour. 

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