A guide to the Altina range

Jun 13, 2022

Altina was one of the first Australian made non-alcoholic drink brands that I stocked when I first launched Sans Drinks and since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength, tweaking their drinks and launching new products. In this guide, I’ll tell you more about why Altina is different and walk you through the collection.
Three bottles of Altina wine alternative drinks and three cans of ready to drink non-alcoholic drinks

What is a wine alternative?

Unlike many of my other best selling non-alcoholic wines, Altina is a wine alternative crafted with air-dried botanicas that are cold steeped. This is a very different process to brands such as 1920 Wines and Next Destination, who use traditional winemaking techniques along with alcohol removal technology to craft de-alcoholised wine.

This means that Altina drinks are truly zero alcohol - not even the negligible 0.5 per cent alcohol that most non-alcoholic wine contains.

Altina Wine Alternatives

How are Altina drinks made?

Altina’s cold steeping technique means that Altina drinks retain the complex and elegant flavours of the botanicals. This process also means that Altina can make drinks without the use of sugar syrup or grape juice.

Are Altina drinks healthy?

As well as being zero alcohol, Altina drinks are also low in sugar (2g per 100mls), gluten free and vegan.

On top of this, Altina drinks contain Australian native botanicals such as Australian Forestberry, which is rich in antioxidants.

At the moment the Altina collection includes three products; La Vie En Rose, Le Blanc and Sansgria.

Altina Cans

La Vie En Rose

The taste: La Vie En Rose features aromas of hibiscus, native Rosella and delicate Rose petals and undertones of vibrant orange peel and cayenne pepper. With a well-balanced palate and a touch of acidity, the finish is dry and refreshing with lingering flavours of tart apple and roses.

Best served: Best served ice cold in a champagne flute or coupe.

Try this: Add some dried rose petals to your La Vie En Rose to give it some extra rosey aromas.

What customers are saying: “This is my favourite drink! As a non-drinker it’s perfect to take places as a fancy and healthier alternative to soft drinks. Perfectly balanced with just the right touch of sweet, I can easily drink a whole bottle!”

Worth noting: You can also get La Vie En Rose in a convenient 250ml can.

Le Balac

The taste: Le Blanc features aromas of Australian Forestberry and tart apple along with undertones of native Wattleseed and.a touch of cayenne pepper. With crisp bubbles and a well-balanced acidity, the palate is tempered by delicate tannins of green tea.

Best served: Best served ice cold in a champagne flute or coupe.

Try this: Add a slice of strawberry to complement the dryness of the Le Blanc.

What customers are saying: “This is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative. It’s not too sweet, has a nice mellow spice flavour and I don’t have to feel guilty about drinking a whole bottle because there’s nothing bad in it!”

Worth noting: You can also get Le Blanc in a convenient 250ml can.


The taste: Lush and vibrant, Sangria features shiraz grapes and dark red fruits including native Australian Riberry, along with vibrant orange, delicate vanilla and spicy notes.

Best served: Serve ice cold in a wine glass and garnish with dried citrus.

Try this: Make mild wine by gently heating Sansgria and adding sliced orange, strawberries and a cinnamon stick.

What customers are saying: “This is the best of the best. If I had my eyes closed I would not know it’s not a beautiful Sangria out of Spain.”

Worth noting: You can also get Sansgria in a convenient 250ml can.

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