Your Easter Non-Alcoholic Drinks Guide

Mar 28, 2021

Wether you’re off to church or simply in it for the chocolate eggs, the Easter long weekend is the perfect time to get together and celebrate the changing of seasons. Here are your Easter drinks (and chocolate) must have. 

Perhaps you are hosting a chocolate egg hunt or preparing a full Sunday lunch. Either way, you’ll want the very best in non-alcoholic drinks on standby.

Line up of Sans Drinks non-alcoholic wines

Something bubbly

All festivities call for something bubbly. In the past, non-drinkers would have been stuck with a fizzy mineral water, but in recent years, thanks to innovation in wine making, there are plenty of premium sparkling wines to choose from. 

Plus & Minus Blanc de Blancs 

Something Indulgent

Chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and decadent deserts are at the heart of any Easter gathering. So when thinking about a drinks menu I like to include something truly indulgent.

With a whole array of zero-alcohol spirits on the market, the options for totally over the top mocktails are endless. In fact, some of them are so good that you’ll want to skip dessert altogether!

This Easter we have teamed up with our friends at Pana Organic Chocolate to create the perfect alcohol-free Easter Mocktail using the Lyre's Amaretto.

The Amaretto Sour

Lyre's spirits gift pack

Something Floral

Outdoor table set up

Although we celebrate Easter during autumn, Easter is synonymous with all things spring – hence the eggs, chicks and bunnies! With this in mind it’s nice to include a refreshing floral drink into the mix. Plus a fragrant and floral drink like the Naked Life Non-alcoholic English Garden Spritzer will perfectly complement your Easter table setting.

Something Refreshing

While big family get togethers are fun, they can also be tiring – especially if you’re surrounded by sugared-up kids (and big kids!) – thanks a lot Easter Bunny!

To keep the party going it’s a good idea to have some super refreshing drinks on standby.

The good news is that all alcohol-free drinks are naturally hydrating because they don’t contain dehydrating alcohol, so pretty much any zero-alcohol option you offer up at this point will have that magic refreshing affect.

But, to restore everyone’s energy, I recommend a delicious fruit punch, laced with zero-alcohol rum.

Lyre's Spiced Cane Spirit

Something for Everyone

Of course, no celebration is complete without an esky full of ice-cold beer! At Sans Drinks you’re truly spoilt for choice. Thanks to innovating new techniques in brewing, you can enjoy everything from a classic larger to a fruity craft beer.

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