Five Non-Alcoholic Premixed G&T's To Try Now

Oct 29, 2021

G&T is one of the most loved mixed drinks on the planet and with an array of non-alcoholic brands on the market there are multiple options available.
A can of Naked Life Classic G&T next to a non-alcoholic gin mocktail

It's an exciting time for gin-lovers because as well as big gin brands such as Gordon's Gin and Hellfire gin there are also lots of boutique brands making ready to drink gin and tonics

The classic G&T has been around for more than 200 years, and has never been out of fashion. In fact, this humble drink actually has an interesting history.

Thanks to the antimalarial properties in Quinine, an active ingredient of tonic water, along with the medical benefits of Juniper, the G&T became an important drink for members of the Raj. It was also popular with British naval officers who added Angostura bitters to create a pink gin, which was thought to cure sea-sickness. 

Over time the amount of quinine in tonic has decreased, so these days it's less medicinal and more of a 5pm treat. 

I love gin and tonic premix because they are super convenient, especially when I am heading out to a picnic or BBQ. They are also perfectly measured so that all I have to do is pour. 

A glass of Alcohol-free Gin & Tonic garnished with a wheel of lime

Here are five of my favourites. 

Lyre's G&T Premix Drinks

The taste: Made with Lyres Spirits London Dry, this gin and tonic premix features classic notes of citrus, juniper and highly refreshing tonic. 

Worth noting: 25 calories and 5.1g of sugar per 100ml 

What customers are saying: "I felt like a G&T sans the alcohol and thought I would try this one. What a great choice. Certainly fooled my brain into believing it was a real G&T. Definitely will buy it again!" 


Gordon's Alcohol Free G&T

The taste: Gordon's is a best selling brand around the world and this Gordon's gin and tonic premix does not disappoint. The flavour profile features bold juniper notes and a subtle hint of citrus. 

Worth noting: 20 calories and 4.6g of sugar per 100ml

What customers are saying: "This alcohol free pre mixed gin is so delicious! I always have some in my fridge now. Tastes so satisfying especially with lots of ice and lemon." 


Naked Life Classic G&T


The taste: Subtly bitter, refreshing and crisp this gin and tonic premix features distilled botanicals and extracts of lemon, bitter orange and cinchona, top noted with juniper berry. 

Worth noting: 2 calories and 0 sugar per 100ml 

What customers are saying: "Absolutely love these. Poured over a glass with ice and a bit of lemon they are refreshing and tasty and so similar to a G&T"

Monday Distillery Classic Non-Alcoholic G&T


The taste: With the aroma, mouthfeel and taste of a traditional G&T, this premix features notes of cinchona bark, lime, and juniper berry. 

Worth noting: Less than 1 calorie and 0 sugar per 100ml

What customers are saying: "What a delicious and refreshing drink with a delicate balance of acidity and sweetness. Like skipping through a meadow in springtime, the botanicals are buoyant in this Classic G&T, without the weights of alcohol or sugar. High spirits, clear minds... I love it!"

Sea Arch Sea & T Non-Alcoholic G&T Premixed drink


The taste: Made with traditional distillation techniques, this gin and tonic premix features aromatic juniper, bitter grapefruit, blood orange and coriander along with seaside herbs such as sugar kelp and samphire. 

Worth noting: 19 calories and 4g of sugar per 100ml 

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