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Non-alcoholic vodka - why it's hard to find

Here's something I get asked a lot: "Do you sell non alcoholic vodka?" The short answer, at the moment at least, is no. But the long answer is a bit more complicated.

There are so many classic vodka drinks that an alcohol free option would be a crowd pleaser. Just think of all the vodka mocktails we could make - like this non-alcoholic vodka based Cosmopolitan mocktail from Ms Sans.

But making non-alcoholic vodka is a tricky process to get right. To fully explain the vodka question I have brought in some industry experts. 

David Andrew from Naked Life 

David Andrews from Naked Life

Naked Life recently launched a new range of alcohol-free mocktails and mixed drinks including classics such as the Negroni, Gin and Tonic and Canadian Rye and Dry Lime. In fact, the only thing missing from the collection is vodka. 

"Vodka naturally has a subtle, grainy taste. Precisely because its flavour is not so upfront, the real magic happens when it is combined with the right, quality ingredients," explains Naked Life founder, David Andrew. 

"This is no mean feat," he adds. "We're working hard on finding those combinations by combining art with science in order to create a great tasting drink as an addition to our Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Spirits range." 

Marc Romanin from Lyres Spirits 

"It’s funny you mention it, a non-alcoholic Vodka substitute was one of the first products we actually formulated," laughs Lyre's spokesperson, Marc Romanian. 

"Vodka, in general, is a neutral spirit without distinctive character, flavour or aroma (as opposed to other white spirits such as Gin which are punchy with botanicals). When we formulate our products, we often work end serve backwards i.e. if it won’t stick up to its most popular cocktail or serve suggestion we won’t release it." 

Marc says that if you look at the best value Vodka australia drinks, the most popular is a vodka lime and soda, or cocktails where it is used to add alcohol but not necessarily a large depth of additional flavours.

"We decided not to release something in this category as we didn’t want to market a product that didn’t add much in the way of defining flavours i.e. a non-alcoholic vodka lime and soda that just tasted like soda water with fresh lime." 

Marc notes that in lieu of having a product that is similar to a Vodka, Lyre's have recreated a number of popular Vodka mocktails using other products in their range that add complexity and a depth of flavour, for example, using Lyre’s White Cane Spirit or Lyre's Dry London to make the popular cosmopolitan

Samantha Manning from Monday Distillery

Samantha Manning, founder of Monday, spends her days experimenting with flavours to get the feel of an alcoholic beverage without the alcohol content. In fact, Monday Distillery has spirit inspired profiles across their range including tequila, whisky, mezcal, gin and rum.

But Monday are yet to crack the taste profile of vodka with Sam saying that when she eventually perfects a non-alc vodka spirit it will be her 'mic drop' moment.

"Because Vodka is a pure spirit it is very hard to replicate," Sam explains. 

"Most other spirits have a complex flavour profile but with the advance innovation in the beverage industry this can be mimicked using natural aromatic compounds that deliver intense flavour experience, without alcohol." 

She continues: "For example, gin is steeped in a wide range of botanicals and has the overarching flavour profile of juniper - these are flavours that can be replicated in a way to give a flavour that is similar to the real thing." 

Vodka, on the other hand, is composed mainly of water and ethanol, which Sam notes, doesn't allow much room for artistic licence when trying to develop a non-alc version. 

Sam has tried to replicate a vodka flavour in a drink, but is yet to perfect a flavour that she is happy with. "If I wouldn’t drink it, it doesn’t make the cut," Sam concludes. 

Jane Allan from Finary

Jane Allan, founder of Finary, makers of vodka mocktails

Finary, is the only non-alcoholic vodka mocktail we have been able to find. Available in four flavours, the ready to drink range is an alcohol free version of the popular low alcohol range. 

"It was really important for us to produce a range that tasted as close to our low alcohol range as possible to ensure our consumers can enjoy the same taste sensation," explains Finary founder, Jane Allen.

"It certainly was a timely process to make this happen, but an enjoyable one, we are delighted with the outcome and feedback from our range," she adds. 

Jane tells me that her team utilised botanicals and distillates to mimic the heat you'd get from their subtle Vodka range.

So far, Finary are the only brand in the non-alcohilc space that are working with a vodka alternative. I asked Jane why we're not seeing more non-alcoholic vodka based drinks.

"Gin is still very much an on trend beverage with a unique palette,"
 she explains.

"Making an enjoyable subtle Vodka option where you can taste all the elements and make a range sessionable is a complex process, and not all makers can get this right." 

Rest assured that as soon as it's available, Sans Drinks will bring you the best non-alcoholic vodka for cocktails Australia has ever seen! 

Update! I've now launched Ms Sans Make Me A Sanstini - a non-alcoholic vodka! Read more about it here: Five Ways with Ms Sans Make me A Sanstini

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