VLOG: I Review Five Zero-Alcohol Rose

Dec 01, 2021

Rose is a wine that incorporates some of the colour from the grape skin, but not enough to qualify as red wine. It's thought to be the oldest wine type because it’s the most straightforward to make.  

Irene Falcone reviewing Non-Alcoholic Roses from Sans Drinks

Rose is delicious all year round, but really comes into its own in the summer months. Non-alcoholic rose is a summer staple because it's light, refreshing and easy to drink. 

There are so many styles and varieties to choose from with profiles that vary from ultra dry to ultra fruity. So there really is a rose to suit every palate. 

The colour of rose can also vary dramatically depending on  grape variety and wine making techniques as you'll see in this live taste testing.  


Buy the non alcoholic wine 

A bottle of Le Petite Etoile rose on a dinner table

Le Petit Etoile Rose


Eisberg Alcohol Free Rose


Giesen 0% New Zealand Rose


Plus & Minus Rose


NEWBLOOD Non Alcoholic Rose


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