The Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Gin Replacements

Sep 26, 2022

It’s no secret that gin has a strong alcoholic taste and aroma. But what if I told you even the most devoted gin drinkers can find a non-alcoholic gin alternative that can offer the same depth of flavour and warmth as the original? 

Three cups of mocktails garnished with fruits

We are spoilt for choice with so many zero alcohol gin alternatives available right now. But did you know there are two very different types of non-alcoholic gins? There are those which directly replace your classic gin style, aroma and taste and those that replace the occasion of drinking, but have their own unique flavour profile.

Both are great gin substitutes, perfect with tonic or soda or made into a delicious mocktail. In this blog I share our Top 5 direct replacements.

Non-Alcoholic Gin - Direct Replacements

Made to taste just like the original, this category of drinks are made to specifically look like gin, smell like gin... and yes, taste like gin! These are ideal for drinking as a traditional G&T or made into classic gin mocktails like the Martini, Negroni or Bramble. and  best way to enjoy these gin replacements   you really can enjoy a non-alcoholic gin without the sacrifice. 

Here’s are some great examples of direct non-alcoholic gin substitutes:

1. Sans Bar Notting Hill Stroll

Transport yourself to London with this true-to-taste non-alcoholic gin substitute inspired by a classic London Dry. The Sans Bar Notting Hill is Australian-made, vegan and low in sugar and calories. It has that traditional classic juniper flavour with citrus notes and a dry profile. Serve poured over ice and topped with soda or tonic water and a slice of lemon. 

2.  Lyre’s Dry London Spirit

Another great non-alcoholic alternative to the classic Dry London. It’s vegan, low calorie and low in sugar. Lyre’s Dry London Spirit is a unique earthy spirit with a distinct flavour profile highlighted by juniper and citrus, giving it a dry finish. The pepperberry gives you the warm feeling we all like in our gin. Serve in a classic G&T style with a slice of pink grapefruit. You can also use this to create a Negroni Mocktail.

3. Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus

The Ms Sans Twist & Shout Citrus is a bright citrus flavoured gin alternative. It is also vegan, low sugar and low calories.  and has no artificial flavours. You'll be impressed from the first sip, as Ms Sans Twist and Shout delivers that traditional juniper flavour with a fragrant and tangy hit. Serve over ice and topped up with soda water. Garnish with rosemary and a slice of lemon.

4.  Ms Sans Juniper Berry Blush

The Ms Sans Juniper Berry Blush is an alcohol-free pink gin alternative. It's Australian-made, vegan, low-calories, low sugar and with no artificial colours. It has a robust juniper flavour profile and subtle hints of rose and botanicals. If you love pink gin, you must try this. Enjoy as you would a regular pink gin, it also makes great pink mocktail, try our Pink Gin Spritz recipe.

5. Gordon's Alcohol-Free 0.0

The world-famous classic Gordon's Gin taste without alcohol. This is smooth on the palate with a generous blend of juniper and subtle citrus flavours. A very close replacement to their original gin in aroma and flavour. Try this Gordon’s G&T mocktail recipe

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