Why is the Barossa Valley the best destination for Shiraz

Sep 24, 2022

Located northeast of Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is arguably the most famous wine region in Australia, with Barossa Valley Shiraz our most iconic wine. In fact, the Barossa Valley is recognised around the world with the same reverence as the Bordeaux region in France and the Napa Valley in the United States. 

For Australian wine lovers, the Barossa Valley is considered to be the spiritual home of shiraz. And with wine makers such as Penfolds and Henschke, Lindermans, McGuigan and Wyndham long established in the region, it’s easy to see why. 

A hand holding a bottle of Next Destination 2018 Barossa Valley Shiraz

The Barossa Valley has a globally significant history and boasts some of the oldest grape vines in the world. Shiraz vines were first planted at the Freedom Vineyard in 1842 by German settlers – since then, the vines have survived doubts and floods, and have avoided disease. In 2009, the Barossa Old Vine Charter was established to help recognise, preserve and protect these important vines.

There are other reasons that the Barossa Valley has become the best destination for Shiraz. The Barossa Valley is over 900 square kilometres and is home to transverse valleys and rolling hills which means that there are many different microclimates within this iconic wine region. On top of this, the Barossa Valley is known for its unique soil, which limits the amount of fruit that can be grown on the vine and results in grapes with highly concentrated flavours. 

What to expect from a Barossa Valley Shiraz

Shiraz from the Barossa Valley has delivered some of the most powerful, flavourful wines in the world. Typically, a Barossa Valley Shiraz profile will feature ripe blackberry, dried currant and mocha aromas along with rich earthy notes. As well as the big fruit flavours, you can expect fine, powdery Tannins.

Non-alcoholic Barossa Valley Shiraz

While there are a number of non-alcoholic Shiraz wines available, Next Destination is the first winemaker to bring a vintage alcohol removed Barossa Valley Shiraz to the market. The 2018 Barossa Valley Shiraz is made with a premium Shiraz base wine which has been aged in oak barrels and would sell for $40+ a bottle as a traditional alcoholic Shiraz. The wine is then very carefully dealcoholised using a the latest technology.

Body & Soul compared the Next Destination Shiraz to Australia's most iconic Barossa Valley wine brand.  

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What does it taste like?

The Next Destination 2018 Barossa Shiraz features generous flavours of dark chocolate, ripe berries, and notes of French Oak along with a robust mouthfeel and soft tannins. It is vegan friendly and contains just 21 calories per 100mls.

I recommend opening your Next Destination Shiraz half an hour before drinking to allow oxidation to occur. Serve between 16 and 18 degrees celsius in a bowl shaped glass.

It pairs perfectly with all pasta dishes, Asian cuisine, pizzas, burgers & Fries! 

What customers are saying:

“Having grown up in the Barossa Valley it was a real treat to find this alcohol free shiraz. Now I can safely enjoy a glass of red with friends.”

“Having grown up in the Barossa Valley it was a real treat to find this alcohol free shiraz. Now I can safely enjoy a glass of red with friends.”

“This is a truly fantastic non-alcoholic option! It’s vibrant, with lovely tannins and a great mouthfeel. Smell, taste and texture is so authentic, you wouldn’t know you’re drinking a non-alcoholic option. A really great pick for a winter night.”

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