Irene’s Luxe to Less: non-alcoholic rosé

Mar 26, 2023

I’m a big believer in treating yourself to a little bit of luxury as a form of self-care. As far as I’m concerned, it’s good for you! That said, I absolutely love a bargain too. Whether it’s non-alcoholic wine, beauty products or shoes, I really do think that there’s no reason being on a budget should mean you don’t get to enjoy the things in life that bring you joy.
Two glasses of rose next to a hat outdoors

That was the inspiration for the start of this new series: Luxe to Less. I’ve spent a lot of time sampling the best non-alcoholic wines and spirits from makers all around the world, and I’m not one to gatekeep. So, I’ll be using this series to share my favourite non-alcoholic wines and drinks at every price point. Think of it as your payday and non-payday options — both good, but appropriate for different occasions! First up: non-alcoholic rosé.

Non-alcoholic rosé wine

If you haven’t dived into the delicious variety of non-alcoholic rosés on the market, you might be thinking you need to spend big to avoid overly sweet, undeveloped flavours. This isn’t the case though! Non-alcoholic rosé wine has come a long way in recent years, with sophisticated de-alcoholising methods creating alc-free options which are complex and tasty — even at lower price points.

Here are the best non-alcoholic rosés I’ve come across, at a luxe price, a budget price, and a mid-level option to keep anyone’s wallet happy.


Next Destination 2018 King Valley Rosé

If you’re trying to convert someone to the joys of non-alcoholic wine, I couldn’t think of a better option to get them started on non-alcoholic rosé other than with Next Destination 2018 King Valley Rosé. It’s smooth and dry, with a gorgeous, Italian-inspired taste that has notes of berry and acidity that is so refreshing.

This non-alcoholic rosé plays really well with lots of flavours; I love serving it with a mellow, nutty cheese like Havarti, Edam or gruyère and a seedy cracker or lavash bread.

Two Hoots Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Crafted from grapes from the famous wine-producing region of South Africa, Two Hoots Non-Alcoholic Rosé is a true luxe sipping experience. The price tag is definitely worth it here; Two Hoots allow the grapes to fully mature before harvesting with a low intervention gentle fermentation that gives it a silky mouthfeel and is further aged for 3 weeks to develop heaps of complex flavours.

I’d happily drink it by itself, but the notes of strawberry and rose petals make this non-alcoholic rosé perfect for serving with desserts and fresh fruit.


1920 Wines Non-Alcoholic Rosé

1920 Wines are consistently producing some of the easiest to drink non-alcoholic wines out there — their non-alcoholic white wine is actually one of my best sellers in store. The 1920 Non-Alcoholic Rosé is lovely, robust and packs a punch, so if you like your rosé served on ice, this is the perfect option.

I love cracking a bottle of this mid-range non-alcoholic rosé open with the girls over some roasted walnuts and melon and other antipasti.

Tread Softly Everything Except Rosé

Clocking in at $16.95, the Tread Softly Everything Except Rosé brings a hint of spice, while still feeling bright as you sip it. Tread Softly sustainably grows all of their grapes and plants a tree for every case sold, just another reason to love this Aussie non-alcoholic winemaker.

This is a fairly dry rosé, and I find it’s great with any strong native Australian flavours; think saltbush, lemon myrtle or akudjura (bush tomato).


Eisberg Alcohol Free Rosé

If you’re on a budget but you still want to relax with a classic, French-style rosé, look no further than Eisberg Alcohol-Free Rosé. Made in Germany with traditional French methods, it balances a full-bodied, fruity taste with a nice dry finish.
This is a great crowd-pleasing non-alcoholic rosè for entertaining outside, and I love bringing a few bottles of it to picnics when I’m serving nibbles and chargrilled veggies.

Edenvale Rosé

Edenvale is Australia’s first non-alcoholic wine brand, and I love that they proudly produce delicious drinks that aren’t necessarily trying to be indistinguishable from alcoholic wine. If you’re with a group who loves the alc-free life, the Edenvale Rosé is an easy-drinking, red currant-infused non-alcoholic rosé that has a little extra sweetness.

If you’re hosting a decadent high tea, this is a great drink to have on the table amongst the scones, macarons and cucumber sandwiches.

Ready to try non-alcoholic rosés?

I hope this first edition of the Luxe to Less series has inspired you to sample some of the best non-alcoholic rosé wines at different prices. I think every one of these non-alcoholic wines is great for enjoying with friends over lunch or at the end of a long day, and they all bring a unique characteristic to the table — literally!

You can find all of my picks in the selection of non-alcoholic rosé wines at Sans Drinks. I love hearing what people think of both the luxe and the options for less, so make sure you follow me on Instagram and tag #sansdrinks with your review when you give them a try!

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