What Is Hop Water?

Feb 15, 2022

Since I started Sans Drinks I have researched and sampled literally hundreds of alc-free beers, wines and spirits. But I have to admit that when I first heard of Hop Water, I was a little stumped. Hop-infused seltzer? Tell me more! 
A table with two bottles of Hop Valley H2O Hop Water

It turns out that while the team at Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. are the first brewery to bring Hop infused seltzer to Australia, it’s not a totally new idea.

“We would love to take claim to the original idea of Hop Water,” Craig Masterton, co-founder of Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. and the brains behind Hop Valley H2O, tells me. 

“We actually first saw it being done by a few breweries over in America. We had been playing around with the idea for quite a while and once we tried our first brew, we knew had to share it with everyone!” he adds.

A man holding two bottles of Hop Valley H2O Hop Water

Founded on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, The Heads of Noosa Brewing Co is a family-run, independent brewery with a passion for the pure ingredients that they work with – like hops. Interacting with hops every day meant that Craig and his team had an appreciation for hop flavours, so it didn’t take long for them to start getting creative.  
So, what exactly is Hop Valley H20? It's as simple as it sounds, explains Craig. “It’s a sparkling hop-infused water. It's refreshing, crisp and with zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero carbs and gluten-free - it's completely guilt-free,” he says.
“Hop water is the perfect alternative to an alcoholic beverage,” he adds.
Being water-based, Hop Valley H20 is ultra-hydrating and a great addition to your wellbeing and fitness routine


As well as being a refreshing drink, Craig tells me that hop water can also be used as a mixer for occasions when a little extra kick is required. “If you're a gin lover, we highly recommend pairing it with a classic non-alcoholic gin and a slice of pink grapefruit - the hopped highball as we like to call it,” he explains. 

Hop Valley H2O

I couldn’t wait to try Hop Valley H20. I drank it chilled and straight out the bottle. I found the flavour to be slightly sweet, with floral, fruity, and citrus flavours. It has a refreshing mouthfeel, and the effervescence is invigorating on the palate.

What are customers saying? 

Sans Drinks customers tell me that they love Hop Valley H20! In fact, 100 per cent of reviewers recommend this product. Here are some of the reviews: 

"A delicious alternative to alcohol. Very refreshing and zero-calorie. I’ve already gotten a friend hooked too." 

"With zero alcohol and zero calories, I wasn't really expecting much but thought I'd give this one a try. It's now, without a doubt my new favourite. Tastes good and is you get that super refreshing feeling, just like a beer."

"Loved this! A crisp, hoppy, beer-like taste - very drinkable over summer, without the sugar, gluten or alcohol. It became a favourite after my first bottle." 

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