What's Been Trending This Month - July Edition

Jul 25, 2021

This month has been one of our best so far! Find out what is trending, what's new and what customers are saying.

Two bottles of non-alcoholic red wine and a cup of mulled wine

With new customers discovering alcohol-free drinks and existing customers stocking up for winter nights indoors due to lockdown, July has been a very busy month in the Sans Drinks warehouse! 

Here are the drinks that have been flying off the shelves.  

Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Red wine is one of the alc-free staples, so it sells well all year round. During the winter months it sells so well that I have trouble keeping enough of it in stock! Red wine is a beautiful drink for cooler weather because it is generally served at room temperature (or just below). It's also packed with benefits that can help us stay fit and well during winter.  

Newblood Shiraz

Newblood Shiraz has been a best-seller since I launched Sans Drinks, so it doesn't surprise me that it is has been included in almost every on-line order we have packed! 

Newblood has a reputation for tasting like a true big Barossa Shiraz - a result of traditional winemaking methods combined with a unique 'triple distilled' method of alcohol removal. 

The result is a Shiraz that has all of the aroma, flavour, and mouthfeel of a traditional Australian full-bodied and Shiraz with hints of oak, blood plum and dark chocolate, rich tannins and a velvety finish. 

What customers are saying: "Best AF red i have tried, good body and depth for a shiraz."

V.NO Alcohol-Removed Red Wine

New kid on the block, V.No is making a big impression on Sans Drinks customers since I added it to the store earlier this month. 

Made with health and wellness in mind, V.NO is a premium South Australian red wine that bursting with flavour. It has aromas of dark fruit, subtle vanilla and spice tones, and the palate is well balanced with a fine tannin structure and soft mouthfeel.

What customers are saying: "I love my red wine and have tried all the alternatives out there. This is one of the best - closest I’ve had to the real deal so far." 

Winter Warmers 

Happy people around a Mulled wine stand

Mulled wine is a classic winter warmer, especially for all those people yearning for a northern hemisphere Christmas. Both of these mulled wines have been trending this month. 

Edenvale Hearth Mulled Wine

A woman holding a cup of Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine and a bottle of Edenvale Hearth Mulled Wine

Proudly made by Edenvale, Australia’s first alc-free wine brand, this is an aromatic mulled wine with a fusion of rich spice and fruit flavours. It's beautiful served warm with sliced orange. 

What customers are saying: "The perfect balance of spices and not too sweet. Highly recommend this, tastes as good (or potentially even better) than one with alcohol."

Mr. Consistent Mulled Wine Mixer

This mixer allows you to create your own Mulled Wine with your favourite red wine. Handmade from fresh ingredients such as blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries, this drink is like Christmas in a glass. 

What customers are saying: "This is perfect substitute for the real thing. So easy to mix, heat up and enjoy." 

Mood Boosting Alcohol-Free Drinks 

A woman covering her face with a smiley balloon

With fewer hours of daylight, the winter months can feel us all leaving a little sluggish - and that's without a lockdown. So it doesn't surprise me that drinks with mood boosting qualities have been trending. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty

This alc-free sparkling wine is a best seller all year round, but I've noticed regular customers adding an extra bottle to their orders. Perhaps that's because it's a guaranteed taste sensation, as well as the sense of celebration that comes with popping a cork, it's also ultra low in sugar and one of the closest in taste, mouthfeel and aroma to a premium French Champagne.

What customers are saying: " This has to be the best AF sparkling I’ve had to date - not too sweet, and honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference."

Wild Life Botanicals Blush

This wine includes eight goodies like vitamins, minerals and five remarkable botanicals. And of course, it also tastes amazing! 

What customers are saying:  "Absolutely divine. One of my N/A favourites … complex flavour and super refreshing. I’d rather drink this than any alcoholic champagne!"

New Drinks to Sans Drinks

The boom of the non-alcoholic drinks industry means that there are new products being released all the time. I am passionate about trying new drinks so that I can bring my customers the very best drinks on the market. 

Gordons 0.0

When it comes to gin, Gordons is a household name, so I was very excited to see them add an alc-free gin as well as ready to drink, pre-mixed bottles to their range. 

Gordon's 0.0 boasts the same iconic flavour as the original gin, with a smooth texture, and a complex flavour profile featuring bold juniper notes and a subtle hint of citrus. 

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