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Sydney $5 SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders $99+ | National Express Post


Named after a Germanic tribe called the “Holsten” who hailed from northern Germany. Now one of the most famous breweries in Germany, the Holsten building featured a valiant knight on his loyal steed standing watch from the roof of the brewery for 130+ years. Their non-alcoholic version of the classic Holsten Pilsener is a refreshing beer, initially enjoyed thoroughly throughout Europe and the UK, and now across the globe.

  • Holsten Alcohol Free 0.0% Beer Beer  - Sans Drinks
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    Holsten Alcohol Free 0.0% Beer


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    Holsten have utilised their traditional German Pilsner brewing techniques to create Holsten alcohol-free 0.0%. Same taste, but a health-concious al...

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Popular Questions

The Holsten name is one that’s known throughout households all over Germany and the world. As one of the most famous German breweries, it’s no surprise that people everywhere are going crazy for Holsten’s new alcohol-free 0.0% beer. You’ve been asking about this non-alcoholic take on a classic Holsten Pilsener so we’ve put together this following FAQ section to help answer any and all questions our customers might have. Enjoy…


Why did Holsten decide to make an alcohol-free beer?


Holsten identified that many beer drinkers worldwide were searching for an alternative to the alcohol-filled Pilseners they loved so much.


Non-alcoholic beer sales have only been rising over the past decade which triggered Holsten to cater to a new market and create a delicious alcohol-free beer that perfectly mimics the crisp, slightly bitter taste of a thirst-quenching classic Holsten Pilsener.


What is Holsten’s background in the beer brewing industry?


Founded in 1879, Holsten has a long history of brewing and distributing its delicious beer the crisp, clear Holsten Pilsener.


Throughout the years Holsten have secured their name and their brand as a top brewer in the global marketplace and were eventually acquired by beer giant Carlsberg in 2004 for a cool £735 million.


Holsten is now a household name throughout the world for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer drinkers alike!


What is The Reinheitsgebot and how does it affect the Holsten brewing process?


The Reinheitsgebot, also known as the German Purity Law is a guarantee adhered to by all German Brewers who take pride in their traditional brewing values.


The Law states that only barley, hops, water (plus yeast, added at a later date) must be used in the beer brewing process in order to maintain the purity and the superior quality of German beers.


This means no artificial colours, flavours or other ingredients are added in the brewing process and the end product is pure, untainted, delicious beer - nothing more, nothing less.


You can read all about the The Reinheitsgebot in this blog post.

What are the health benefits of non-alcoholic beer?


As mentioned above, The German Purity Law ensures that no synthetic, artificial nasties are allowed to be included in the brewing process. This helps keep the beer as natural as possible without any additional sugars or preservatives.


Non-alcoholic beer is often used as a sports recovery drinks due to its healthy b9 and b12 vitamins, folic acid and polyphenols, as well as its isotonic properties. Rather than dehydrating you, it will hydrate you!


Folic acid has been known to provide health benefits to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Non-alcoholic beer contains high levels of this nutrient.


On top of these benefits, the one that stands out most is the fact that alcohol is actually quite damaging to the liver, heart and other organs that are important to keeping us alive, when consumed in excess over time. Making the switch to non-alc beer will help you live a healthier lifestyle and will also reduce the risk of alcohol addiction.


Who will love to drink Holsten 0.0% beer?


Anyone who loves the delicious taste of a bona fide Pilsener, sans the alcohol.


-          Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies who miss being able to drink beer (seek advice from your doctor)

-          Tradies on site who want a cheeky beer on smoko

-          People who can’t drink for religious or health related reasons

-          On-call workers who aren’t able to have alcohol

-          Anyone who is “off-the-wagon” but still loves the taste of a clear, crisp beer


What kind of flavour can you expect from Holsten alcohol-free beer?


Even though Holsten 0.0% has no alcohol whatsoever, it truly takes on the distinctive taste pf a classic, alcoholic premium Holsten Pilsener. It’s brewed using traditional Pilsener methods and ingredients - only the removal of alcohol changes throughout the process.


You’ll be hit with medium-bodied malt characteristics, a mild bitterness and a clean refreshing finish that is typical of all great Pilseners.


Even the stunning gold colour of the beer and the white head is just about identical to an alcohol-inclusive Pilsener.


Honestly, even the most dedicated of Pilsener drinkers would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two if they drank one after the other.


It’s a seriously tasty alcohol-free brew.


What food does Holsten 0.0% pair best with?


As the Holsten 0.0% holds the same clear, bright taste and aesthetic as a regular Holsten Pilsener you can pair this bad boy with much the same food.


Chicken, lamb, goat and seafood dishes will all taste amazing with a Holsten 0.0% to wash them down. Bring on the seafood platters at the pub and the Sunday roast at home.


For the lovers of spice out there who live for beer and heat, pairing this alcohol-free Pilsener with a spicy dish is one of the best combos you can choose. Turn the heat up a notch with a spicy curry or hot wings, then cool your palette with a clean, crisp Holsten 0.0%. I can literally taste the flavour sensation already. Ooft.


Can you get drunk on Holsten alcohol-free beer?


Nope! This beer contains 0.0% alcohol. Even those of us who aren’t good at maths can work out that 0.0% means there’s absolutely no alcohol in sight.


You can enjoy the classic taste of a Holsten Pilsener with no alcohol and zero worry about embarrassing yourself throughout the night or dealing with a shocker of a hangover the next day.


Great beer taste – no drunken consequences. I like the sound of that!