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Monday Distillery

“High spirits, clear minds.” This is the Monday Distillery way.

Everyone should have the option of going out, sipping a few delicious beverages, then being able to drive home and not suffer a serious hangover or alcohol-induced embarrassment the next day. The only non-alc options at bars shouldn’t just be sugary soft drinks or boring water. This is why Monday founder, Sam Manning, decided to craft her own versatile range of non-alcoholic spirits that perfectly encompass all the great aspects of their alcoholic counterparts.

From Geelong, Victoria, Monday Distillery brings ready-to-serve non-alcoholic beverages that are sugar-free and have zero calories. This doesn’t mean they have less flavour. In fact, quite the opposite. Monday’s range of non-alcoholic spirits are lovingly crafted and true to taste. Currently hosting two delicious G&T variations, Monday is soon to include vodka and whiskey within their repertoire.

You can support an Australian, independent family-owned business by purchasing Monday Distillery alcohol-free spirits, all the while giving yourself the option to drive home after a few cheeky drinks and take control of your health and well-being.

Monday Distillery

Monday Distillery is a brand for fiery, independent women who don’t need alcohol to have an amazing time. Even if you’re not quite at the crazy confident stage yet, once you indulge in a Monday alt-spirit, you’ll never go back. This FAQ will cover all the questions we’ve had from our customers about this innovative new brand taking Australia by storm. Read on to find out how and why Monday Distillery came into being, what’s in store for its future and more.


Why was Monday Distillery brought to life?

Sam Manning was a woman on a mission.

She was sick of only having sugary soft drinks, flat sparkling water or plain old tap water to drink when she wanted to stay off the booze. She decided that enough was enough. She was going to create drinks for all the non-drinkers out there who were sick of having limited options, receiving sly remarks about being “off-the-wagon” and who just wanted a damn good G&T without the alcohol. Was that really too much to ask?

And from that moment of badassery, Monday Distillery was brought to life!

Sam has been crafting amazing pre-mixed non-alc spirits ever since and providing non-drinkers of all types with an option that tastes amazing without the nasty hangover the next day.

Did she achieve her goal of providing G&T lovers with an alternative to alcoholic spirits? Hell yeah, she did! You go girl!


Are alternative spirits healthier than their alcoholic counterparts?

The answer to this is almost always: yes!

Alcohol contains a whole lot of carbs and chemicals that don’t mix so well with your heart, liver and other important parts of your body after prolonged exposure. We all know that alcohol, in excess, can lead to liver disease, heart disease, alcoholism and a whole lot of other horrible health and wellbeing issues.

By removing the alcohol from the drink, you get a tasty alternative that’s healthier, rehydrates rather than dehydrates, and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve inhaled the Sahara Desert the next morning.

Also, Monday Distillery’s drinks are sugar-free and gluten-free. They contain no artificial additives or flavours and are naturally sweetened with Stevia. You can feel good about drinking G&T without the health risks of alcohol.


Which Monday non-alcoholic drinks do Sans Drinks stock?

We currently stock two Monday Distillery products: A Classic G&T and an Exotic Spice G&T.

You can purchase them separately in bottles, or you can pick up a duo pack that includes both of these suave alternative spirit options.

All are available in our online store, but they don’t last long! Make sure you pick up a bottle or a pack ASAP, so you don’t miss out.


Does alternative gin taste like real gin?

You betcha!

Alternative gin still includes all the amazing fruity, spicy, botanical-esque flavours of a delicious alcoholic gin. The process for making alt-gin is much the same, it just removes the alcohol aspect from the equation.

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a true blue gin taste minus the alcohol.


What kind of ingredients does Monday use in its non-alc spirits?

Ok, so you get all the delightfully classic ingredients of a true G&T in the Monday Classic G&T:

·       Juniper berry

·       Lemon

·       Lime

·       Quinine

·       Cinchona bark

With the Monday Exotic Spice G&T you get bonus cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom to create a flavour that is tantalisingly tasty.

Carbonated Australian spring water is used to create a wonderful G&T mix with a unique flavour sensation.

Stevia is used to naturally sweeten these beautiful babes.

The removal of alcohol, sugar and gluten from this innovative brewing process just leaves room for more of the good stuff mentioned above!


Are Monday’s drinks all pre-mixed?

They sure are! And what’s not to love about that?

You get convenience, efficiency, and that amazing “fizz” when you pop the top off a bottle of expertly crafted Monday Distillery Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic. It’s absolute heaven!


Who will love Monday’s range of alcohol-free spirits?

People who love to “stay in high spirits and keep a clear mind” will love, love, love the products Monday Distillery has to offer.

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, partaking in Dry July, driving or working you can safely indulge in one of Monday’s pre-mixed alc-free G&Ts without the alcohol induced consequences.

These alt-spirits are also a great way for people on medication who can’t have alcohol, or people who don’t drink alcohol for religious reasons to wind down and relax with the great taste of gin after a long hard day.

You don’t have to have alcohol to have a good time. You simply need to have Monday on your side.


What’s next for Monday Distillery?

There’s some exciting news on the Monday Distillery front!

They will soon be delving into “whiskey without the wobbles and vodka without the vengeance”.

I personally cannot wait until they release these drinks. They’re sure to be winners!