Altina Sparkling Brut

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Altina Sparkling Brut

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ALTINA Drinks brings a standout in their non-alcoholic lineup with the Sparkling Brut, an Australian drink that mirrors the elegance of a traditional Sparkling Brut Chardonnay. It’s a delightful fusion of native peach and strawberry flavours, brightened by crisp acidity and enriched with a whisper of toasty vanilla, making it perfect for any celebration. Ideal for adding a sophisticated touch to any event, from casual get-togethers to formal gatherings, the Sparkling Brut pairs wonderfully with everything from grilled prawn salads to smoked salmon canapes. It's your go-to choice for a festive, alcohol-free toast at weddings, picnics, and birthdays. 

With its low-calorie content (25 Cal per serving), minimal sugar, and negligible fat, it’s a healthy addition to your celebration, keeping the joy high and the impact on your wellness low. Enjoy the complexity and joy of a premium non-alcoholic Sparkling Brut with every sip.

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