Mocktail Recipes

Bottle of Artisan Drinks Pink Citrus Tonic next to gin mocktail

The right tonic can take a gin (non-alcoholic or otherwise) to the next level, and this citrusy little number certainly delivers the yum factor. Blending pink grapefruit, blood orange, lemon and a smidgen of basil, it really steps up the flavours of this classic gin flavoured Dry London Spirit. And its light pink colour brings the cocktail fun. To serve, simply add some fresh mint, rosemary, orange and juniper berries.


50 ml Lyre's Dry London Spirit
200 ml Artisan Drinks Pink Citrus Tonic
  1. Add all ingredients in a balloon glass and stir. Garnish with fresh mint, rosemary sprig, a couple of juniper berries and orange wedge.

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