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Mocktail Recipes

The best non alcoholic drinks, reviews and recipes.

Artisan Drinks Rum & Coke Daiquiri Mocktail

Artisan Drinks Rum & Coke Daiquiri Mocktail

This daiquiri mocktail with a foamy smoked cola twist will surprise and impress. Lime and sugar are mixed with the distinct dark rum flavours of Lyre’s non-alcoholic Dark Cane Spirit which has a sophisticated aroma of dark, salty caramel with hints of vanilla, orange and maple.

To create that lighter-than-air foam which will just float on the top of your rum mocktail you’re going to need a canister or whipper with a nitrous charger, plus two bottles of flat Barrel Smoked Cola, lime juice and egg white or agar agar. Daiquiris will never be the same again.

50 ml Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit
25 ml Fresh Lime
15 ml Sugar
200 ml 2x Artisan Barrel Smoked Cola

  1. Shake daiquiri ingredients and fine strain into chilled glass.
  2. Float foam on top and serve.
  3. Barrel Smoked Cola Foam: made in Canister, Nitrous Charger, 2 x Flat Barrel Smoked Cola & lime juice, egg white or Agar Agar.

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