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Bottle of Artisan Drinks Pink Citrus Tonic next to a Twisted Southside & Tonic mocktail

Based on one of American gangster Al Capone’s favourite drinks and named for the south side of Chicago, the Twisted Southside & Tonic mocktail is sure to impress. This decadent gin mocktail combines the distinct juniper and citrus flavours of a non-alcoholic gin substitute with a twist of lime juice and mint. Topped off with a crisp and aromatic pink citrus tonic, it is fresh and delicious. Garnish with pineapple and a sprig of mint.

50 ml Lyre's Dry London Spirit
25ml Lime Juice
10ml Simple Syrup
7 Fresh Mint Leaves
Top up with Artisan Drinks Pink Citrus Tonic
  1. Add all ingredients except the tonic in a cocktail shaker and shake. Straining it into the glass using a cocktail strainer and a fine strainer then top the drink up with the tonic. Garnish with pineapple & mint sprig.

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