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Blood Orange Lemonade made with Ms Sans Sunset in a Bottle (blood orange spritz)

Refreshing and delicious, this non-alcoholic spritz features complex flavours and is a great summer mocktail. Ms Sans Sunset In A Bottle, is made from an intricate blend of blood orange, rhubarb and herbs. Sophisticated and aromatic, it is ideally paired in this mocktail with StrangeLove Fancy Lemonade. Simple and indulgent all at once, serve in a highball with ice and garnish with strawberries and fresh mint.


60 Ms Sans Sunset In A Bottle (Blood Orange Spritz)
90ml StrangeLove Fancy Lemonade

  1. Add Ms Sans Sunset In A Bottle to a glass and top with StrangeLove Fancy Lemonade.

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Ms Sans Sunset In A Bottle Blood Orange Spritz

Ms Sans

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