Mocktail Recipes

Three bottles of Clovendoe non-alcoholic spirits next to two glasses of Martini Mocktail garnished with green olives and rosemary

This mocktail recipe will remind you of sultry summer nights and dashing secret agents. Perfect for chilled-out dinner parties! Simply choose a Clovendoe spirit of your choice. Clink some ice in a martini glass and garnish with tart green olives and rosemary or a zesty lemon twist. A subtle and classy mocktail for all your guests.

120ml Clovendoe spirit
Green olives and rosemary or lemon twist
  1. Stir 120ml of Clovendoe spirit of choice over ice for 30 seconds.
  2. Use a tall glass. Garnish with green olives and rosemary OR lemon twist.

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