Mocktail Recipes

Two glasses of Eisberg's Virgin Martini and a bottle of Eisberg Sparkling White on a drink ice bucket filled with ice

Indulge in a new twist on a classic tropical martini with this refreshing Mango and Passion Fruit Coulis mocktail. The combination of tangy passion fruit and sweet mango creates a delightful drink that's perfect for any occasion. The Coulis adds a unique twist to the classic flavours, taking them to new heights. Simply pour the Coulis into a champagne coupe and top it with chilled non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine. Garnish it with half a passion fruit for an extra burst of flavour. Sip and enjoy this delicious mocktail and let it transport you to a sunny island paradise without the added alcohol.

15ml Mango and Passion Fruit Coulis
125ml Sparkling White
Half a Passion Fruit
  1. Pour the coulis into a champagne coupe and top with chilled Eisberg Sparkling Blanc.
  2. Garnish with half a passion fruit and serve.

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