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Mocktail Recipes

The best non alcoholic drinks, reviews and recipes.

Fluere Virgin Mary

Fluere Virgin Mary

A twist on the classic Bloody Mary, this gin mocktail combines the bold flavours of tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce with citrus, spices and the heat of Tabasco. Fluere’s Original non-alcoholic gin is a great alternative to vodka in this mocktail, with a floral blend that is tangy, smooth and punchy. Best served over ice with a garnish of celery, or why not jazz it up with an edible chilli salad garnish for added heat.


45 ml Fluere Original
120 ml tomato juice
2 dashes Worcestershire
4 dashes Tabasco
Squeeze of lemon
Pepper & salt

  1. Add all ingredients and ice to a shaker and stir together.
  2. Strain cocktail over new ice into a glass.
  3. Garnish (pictured is and edible chilli salad garnish).

Spicy but no hangover!

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