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Mocktail Recipes

The best non alcoholic drinks, reviews and recipes.

Fluere It's The Fennel Countdown

Fluere It's The Fennel Countdown

A gin mocktail as light and intriguing as its name, this lovely little recipe is the perfect spring or autumn entertainer. Fennel isn’t an ingredient you expect to see in a drink, but its rich liquorice flavour is actually rather refreshing. Paired with lavender, orange and the classic juniper flavour of Fluere Original Alt Gin, it might just surprise you. Finish it off with lavender flowers and a fennel straw.

45 ml Fluere Original
15 ml fennel & lavender syrup
2 Oranges
800 ml Strangelove Lemon Sparkling Water

  1. Prepare orange soda by blending 2 oranges (flesh and peel) in blender for 2 minutes. Fine-strain into jug. Add 800 ml sparkling water.
  2. Add Fluere Original and syrup to glass with ice. Top up with orange soda mix.
  3. Add fennel straw and garnish with lavender flowers.

Special occasion alternative!

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