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Round glass cup of creamy non-alcoholic rum mocktail garnished with cinnamon and edible flower petals

If decadence with a side of theatrics is your jam, then this is the mocktail for you! The Smokey Robinson blends Fluère Amber, a non-alcoholic alternative to spiced rum, with coconut cream, lemon juice, elderflower and egg white to create a mocktail that is creamy and delightful. To really please the crowd, serve on a lightly singed nest of straw, adding a smoky aroma to the experience, and garnish with flower petals and cinnamon.


45 ml Fluere Amber
55 ml coconut cream
30 ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml elderflower syrup
30 ml egg white
15 ml soda
Cinnamon & flower petals to garnish

  1. Add all the ingredients to a shaker and give them a good shake with no ice.
  2. Add ice to the rim of the shaker and shake again.
  3. Strain cocktail into round glass cup (no ice).
  4. Garnish with cinnamon & flower petals.
  5. Place glass in a ceramic bowl surrounded by straw.

Carefully light a little of the straw to add a burnt aroma if you like!

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