Mocktail Recipes

Non-alcoholic gin in a round glass garnished with icing sugar and edible flowers
Looking for the perfect winter or Christmas mocktail? This frosty sweet little number brings both the taste and the theatre. Hydrosteamed distilled Fluere Pink gin combined with OJ creates a delicate tart raspberry and citrus base, while the Greek yoghurt and vanilla syrup delivers a sweet, frothy, creamy texture. Serve in a round glass and garnish with edible flowers and icing sugar for that snow globe vibe.

60 ml Fluere Pink
60 ml Freshly squeezed orange juice
15 ml Vanilla syrup
60 ml Greek yoghurt
Icing sugar & edible flowers to garnish

  1. Add ingredients to shaker, top off with ice and shake.
  2. Strain cocktail into round glass (no ice).
  3. Garnish with icing sugar and edible flowers.

    Perfect winter or Christmas treat!

    For your cocktail

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