Mocktail Recipes

Gin and tonic mocktail in a tall glass garnished with twigs lavender and juniper berries
What’s the best thing about gin other than its taste? It’s low in calories, and its predominant flavour is juniper berries – a superfood – making it a healthier choice. This simple all-season gin mocktail, a classic gin and tonic, has delightfully herby undertones of lime, lavender and punchy coriander.  It’s best served in a long glass with ice and garnished with lavender sticks and juniper berries.

65 ml Fluere Original
150 ml Strangelove Tonic No 8
Lots of ice cubes
2 Twigs lavender & a few juniper berries to garnish

  1. Add Fluere Original and ice cubes to a tall glass.
  2. Top with premium tonic water.
  3. Garnish with lavender and juniper berries.

Enjoy with no guilt!

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