Mocktail Recipes

Bottle of strangelove light tonic being poured into a gin mocktail glass garnished with orange wedge and rosemary sprigs

A one of a kind gin mocktail with solid, green herbaceous notes of sage and rosemary. The non alcoholic gin alternative is aptly named The Herbarium, is made in the Western Cape of South Africa with fresh herbs and botanicals using mountain spring water. The Herbarium pairs beautifully with floral and citrus tonic water and is best served with a lime wedge. Garnish with a spring of herby, smooth rosemary to extend the flavours. 

50ml John Ross The Herbarium
Rosemary Sprig
Lime Wedge
200ml StrangeLove Light Tonic
  1. Pour 50ml John Ross The Herbarium into glass filled with lots of ice
  2. Add rosemary sprig
  3. Add lime wedge
  4. Add 200ml StrangeLove Light Tonic

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