Mocktail Recipes

Basil Gimlet Gin Mocktail next to a bottle of Lyre's Dry London Spirit

The original gimlet was made with gin and lime cordial, and is said to have been invented by surgeon general Sir Thomas Gimlette for sailors to ward off scurvy. This gin mocktail has a sweet and zesty twist thanks to the addition of elderflower cordial, mint tea syrup and peach bitters. Serve with a basil leaf for that perfect anise finish and sip slowly.


  45 ml Lyre's Dry London Spirit
10 ml Elderflower cordial
20 ml Mint Tea Syrup
30 ml Lime Juice
2 - 3 drops peach bitters

  1. Shake hard briefly, then strain into a cocktail coupette
  2. Float a basil leaf on top. 

To make Mint Tea Syrup: mix equal amount of white sugar syrup and strong mint tea. 

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