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Mocktail Recipes

Lyre's Cosmopolitan Mocktail

Lyre's Cosmopolitan Mocktail

Made famous by the girls on ‘Sex and the City’, our version of this iconic bright pink mocktail combines the classic flavours of white rum in Lyre’s White Cane Spirit with Lyre’s Orange Sec, an alcohol-free Cointreau replacement. Lime and cranberry juice pair with the flavours perfectly, creating a refreshing drink that is sweet, citrusy and a little sour to taste. Ideal for summer parties or BBQs, it’s fun colour looks great served in a cocktail coupette and garnished with an orange twist.


1½ Parts (45mL/ 1½ Fl Oz) Lyre's White Cane Spirit
½ Part (15mL/ ½ Fl Oz) Lyre's Orange Sec
½ Part (15mL/ ½ Fl Oz) lime juice
1 Part (30mL/ 1 Fl Oz) cranberry juice
¼ Part (7.5mL/ ¼ Fl Oz) white sugar syrup (1:1)
Lemon twist (placed inside shaker)

  1. Shake briefly with ice, fine strain into a cocktail coupette
  2. Garnish with orange twists

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