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Bottle of Lyre's Dry London Spirit next to Gin Mule Mocktail

Created in New York City’s Pegu Club, this modern classic has a name that hints to its core ingredients - gin and gin(ger). With clear influences from other iconic cocktails, the Moscow Mule and the Mojito, this popular gin mocktail is both familiar and refreshing. It pairs Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, an alcohol-free alternative to gin, with sugar syrup, the citrusy tang of lime juice and the zing of a good dose of ginger ale. When all are combined with some mint leaves and lime wedges in a highball glass, you’ve got one zesty, delicious mocktail.

2 Parts (60 ml/2 Fl Oz) Lyre's Dry London Spirit
¼ Part (7.5 ml/ ¼ Fl Oz) white sugar syrup (1:1)
½ Part (15 ml/ ½ Fl Oz) lime juice
3 Parts (90 ml/3 Fl Oz) StrangeLove Dry Ginger Ale
8 mint leaves
  1. Add ingredients to glass, fill with ice, and stir.
  2. Garnish with plump mint sprigs and lime wedges.

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