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Tiki-style mocktail next to two bottles of Lyre's non-alcoholic spirits next to a pool

Originating in the 1970’s at the aptly named Aviary Bar in Kuala Lumpur’s Hilton Hotel, this tropical mocktail is bittersweet and fruity. A harmony of non-alcoholic dark rum, bitter Italian apéritif, lime juice and pineapple juice combine to create a refreshing delight that is a perfect summer drink. Tiki-style mocktails are exciting to drink due to their complex flavour profiles and visual appeal, and the brightly hued Jungle Bird fits right in. For the best experience, garnish with a lemon wedge, cherry and plump mint sprig, creating a tropical bird-like plume. If you normally skip the garnish on your drinks, be sure to add this one.

30 ml Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit
45 ml Lyre’s Italian Orange
15 ml lime juice
7.5 ml white sugar syrup (1:1)
45 ml pineapple juice
  1. Rapid shake with ice, strain, fill glass with fresh cubed ice.
  2. Garnish with a lemon wedge, cherry, and plump mint sprig.

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