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Mocktail Recipes

Lyre's Mojito Mocktail

Lyre's Mojito Mocktail

With a history dating back centuries to origins in Havana, Cuba, the Mojito is one of the most popular drinks of the modern era. This rum mocktail is iconic, combining the flavours of classic white rum, from Lyre’s White Cane Spirit, with zesty lime, soda water and mint. Deliciously refreshing and enjoyable whatever the occasion, the Mojito mocktail is best served with a bright green garnish of fresh lime and mint.
75 ml Lyre's White Cane Spirit
30 ml Lime Juice
15 ml White Sugar Syrup (1:1)*
30 ml Strangelove Soda Water
Mint leaves
Slice of lime
  1. Add all ingredients into glass,
  2. Fill with ice cubes and stir
  3. Add soda water and garnish with lime slice & fresh mint leaves. *To make Sugar Syrup combine 50 grams of sugar with 50 ml of warm water in a jar and shake to dissolve.
One of the oldest known cocktails, the mojito is said to have originated from Havana, Cuba over 500 years ago. 

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