Mocktail Recipes

Bottle of Lyre's Coffee Originale next to a tall glass of coffee mocktail garnished with lemon wheels

Coffee and tonic is not a usual pairing, but this coffee mocktail is both simple and delicious. Lyre’s Coffee Originale is a great replacement for Kahlua, capturing the true essence of a rich, aromatic coffee liqueur, and when mixed with premium Indian tonic water it creates an enlivening drink that’s perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up. Enjoy notes of freshly brewed espresso, caramel and toasted nuts, complemented by a hint of citrus and juniper. To serve, combine in a highball glass with ice and garnish with some lemon wheels.


2 Parts (60mL/ 2 Fl Oz) Lyre's Coffee Originale
4 Parts (120mL/ 4 Fl Oz) Strangelove Tonic No 8

  1. Add ingredients into a highball glass, fill with ice and stir
  2. Garnish with lemon wheels

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